Everyone has their favorite method of marketing their network marketing business what is yours? Over the years I seen, read, and utilized many different methods. While many seem to be effective without tracking it really is hard to tell which method is producing the most results with the least amount […]

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Network Marketing Method To Date?


I’m always amazed when someone who has been involved in network marketing for quite awhile ask this question about Leaders Club. This question has generally come up after they’ve spent time on their web site and seen the names of past members. Individuals whose names they see plastered all over […]

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It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these advertisements running but they’re back once again. The idea is interesting, if you have no time to build your business.

And, you have far more money than time. But, we have to ask how can that be duplicated by those that are recruited to join your business?

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With all the hoopla marketers used in the past to convince everyone of the impending death of network marketing as we know it!

They claimed it would be replaced by internet network marketing, and many of us have utilized it very successfully in the past.

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For anyone in network marketing thinking about tying the internet in I want to point out something you have to look forward to.

Sadly there are a few individuals out there who believe that they can just take what ever they want and train others to do the same thing.

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Earlier today I came across a post that stated network marketing sales skills where easy to learn. I found that kind of odd after watching numerous people over the course of the past seven years watching and observing people.

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Most people, including myself, first looked into and then started into our new venture in network marketing mainly for the money that could be made.

Maybe, that is why you started and then again maybe not. Everyone wants more out of life, and today is no exception with all the uncertainty in todays economy.

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Why do many network marketers tie duplication in network marketing to some system that you need to purchase along with your downline?

Is this truly duplication or just using the same tools thousands of others are as well? No doubt there are plenty of systems to choose from so that you can appear different from everyone else…

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If you’ve spent any time in network marketing you have no doubt heard it called a pyramid scheme. There are numerous websites designed to “help protect you” from these schemes!

The individuals who produce this information often show you formula as to why it will never work. You know, that we would eventually run out of people to recruit.

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When it comes to internet network marketing people today are often following the wrong advice and or taking the wrong action to build credibility and trust.

Last night during one of our many training calls I stumbled upon yet another website that had scraped content off this site.

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