First, let me thank you for visiting visiting and your curiosity to learn more about me the man behind the site Glenn Burks.

People often wonder what drives someone to write and blog incessantly about a particular subject, in this case network marketing.

My wake-up call started many years before I became involved in network marketing. I had been approached frequently during my early twenties with various home business opportunities.

Like many others I placed building a business it on the back-burner.

I always felt that it was something I could do later. I know it was procrastination.

During the 90’s I chased the Stock Market, read dozens of books, used numerous systems all designed to make you wealthy beyond belief!

And, yes made money doing it. Yet, a pattern began to emerge which clearly at least to me proved that it was being manipulated.

The only one truly making money was Wall Street and the individuals peddling books and systems. Today they remind me of so many affiliate marketers peddling their wares to the unsuspecting!

I looked into Real estate investing as well during the 90’s and it is still a solid way to build and create wealth. Yet, it too suffered from manipulation as well, from 2000 to 2006 we say explosive growth in real estate.

Kind of ironic how both artificially created bubbles burst and devastated the worlds economies.

Late in 2000, I was reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

While many disagree with Robert Kiyosaki, and believe the book is fictional.  It does a very good job of motivating and getting you to open your eyes and mind to what’s possible.

The second great book I read that really illustrated why building a network marketing business was the right thing to do was also by Kiyosaki “The Business School!

In the book, it clearly points out that it is the education you get from doing it that will benefit you the most.

Still, the more I learn about it…

…The more it makes me wonder!

Over the years, I’ve made some great life-long friends in this industry.

I was recognized by LeadersClub as a top promoter, and multiple Consistency Award Winner along with my team.

Further more I underwent a rigorous training program and became a Certified Marketing Consultant.

I have built and designed some of the top ranked web sites in the industry, and I teach others on my team how to do the same.

Heck I even let this one set stagnant for 8 years and it still ranked near the top in most categories!

Do I conduct personal coaching and mentoring? Yes, but now only with my downline members. But, if you’d like to join me in business I’d be happy to share with you.

I would encourage you to take a look at the two network marketing businesses I work with now.

The first company is Anovite, because I love their product Colostrum6.

The Second company is CTFO they are on the leading edge in products that affect real change in health.


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