When You Know How it Works!


… Every Business no matter how large or small has to advertise in one fashion or another.

Today we see a few forward looking companies turning to prime-time television advertisements, it gives their representatives the exposure they need to become widely known.

Let us Recruit for You

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It's been awhile since I've seen these advertisements running but they're back once again. The idea is interesting, if you have no time to build your business.

And, you have far more money than time. But, we have to ask how can that be duplicated by those that are recruited to join your business?

Have You Seen These Outrageous Network Marketing Ads

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Take a day, any day, and do a search on network marketing or multi-level marketing and you'll find what is termed Outrageous marketing methods being employed.

Using shock and awe to get you to click on the ad, where you'll find the statements like these:

Are you tired of Old School Marketing Methods! You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your friends and family, hotel meetings etc...

Or how about "Only Suckers Buy Leads" yet, the individual is spending a fortune on pay-per-click ads to do just that...

Network Marketing Is It all Recruiting?

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News from this past week was not good for MLM - Network Marketing generally. We are often lumped into pyramid schemes that have noting to do with us.

Yet, it seems every that reporters cannot help but take a cheap shot at us without knowing the facts. The fact is, we make ourselves easy targets for this abuse.

Last weekend a news article from the Cape Cod Times, posted an article "Sounds To Good To Be True?"

Network Marketing Company And Prime Time Advertising!

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While many people do not like this company, I find it kind of refreshing that they would come out with actual television advertising. No bold claims just the facts about the company.

I'm neither a fan nor advocate of this company, yet know that each of us involved owe a great deal to the stance and perseverance this company has shown. If it was not for them we maynot be here at all!

Microsoft complains About Yahoo Proposed Google Partnership – when will it end?

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Now this is really kind of funny in many ways. If you've ever watched any of the documenteries that show what Microsoft tried to do with the internet how can you have any sympathy for them?

Yahoo to test Google ads as defense vs. Microsoft - Yahoo! News

The folks up in Redmond have really got to figure out that there will be competition, just build a better mouse trap!

Yet they would prefer to buy up technology and patents, then complain if some of that technology was used someplace else.

Adsense & Network Marketing Does It Really Make Sense?

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Back on the 16th of March 2008, I wrote this entry Making Sense Out of Adsense this week I went back and really focused on trying to exclude certain advertisers that, well lets just say I wouldn’t invite them to my home.

Some if not most of the inflammatory ads out there today can really be tied back to two groups and there are others out there in network marketing practicing this as well. Sure these inflammatory ads will get you to click on them, and isn’t that what we really want if we have Adsense on our websites?

Making Sense Out Of Adsense

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Google recently announced a decrease in adsense revenue. Is it the U.S. / Global economy that caused this decline? You would think that more people would be searching and generating even more income for them?

Since I write about network marketing, it only makes sense “no pun intended” to have adsense ads running. I finally decided, to stop running them.

No matter how much I tried to optimize the sites, by following their recommendations. All I would get are the same, negative, hype-filled advertisers using redirects to the same affiliate programs.