51 Advertising Ideas For Your Network Marketing Business

… Every Business no matter how large or small has to advertise in one fashion or another.

Many are doing it through social media, online advertising, offline advertising…

Today there are a few forward looking companies turning to prime-time television advertisements.

It gives their network marketing representatives and the company the exposure they need to become widely known.

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How many of you love getting those automated phone calls from telemarketers? My guess is that a great many of you detest them almost as much as you do politicians. Yet, it seems every year that we have a new batch of individuals that make outlandish claims how effective they are. How you will have [...]

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to spend 4 days at the Las Vegas BikeFest an annual event, working with Glenn Hood and Mark Hood with the company Big Ear Inc. They are a quasi – network marketing company. Over all it was a great experience, with some great lessons learned along with some [...]

One of the things I’ve come to learn over the course of the years is how to identify who my market really is.

Today I was doing online research with one of the companies I particularly like in doing this research I found individual advertisers, other network marketers that are advertising   secrets that promise to explode your business.

What is really kind of humorous is that they really did not do enough research about the company they where advertising against to figure out if what they had to offer was even a fit for them.

While many people do not like this company, I find it kind of refreshing that they would come out with actual television advertising. No bold claims just the facts about the company.

I’m neither a fan nor advocate of this company, yet know that each of us involved owe a great deal to the stance and perseverance this company has shown. If it was not for them we maynot be here at all!

With only a few short months, to go in 2008 should we be concerned as network marketers about the upcoming election?

This post is not designed as a place to state an opinion about one candidate or another but to point out how things could affect all of us as small business owners! Today, estimates indicate we are nine million plus small business owners in the U.S. alone.

Is it important in you network marketing business to stay within a budget? Unlike most governments we cannot just write more money when we need it, so yes it is very important. Financial planning and management is a critical element in both your personal life, and crucial to the survival of your business. Today we [...]

When we joined a company we where instructed to make a list of names, does this method still hold true today and work today? The answer to that question is both yes and no. Many individuals where never taught how to properly qualify their warm market as either potential prospect or customers, so of course you failed miserably.

How do we truly know what is working today in network marketing? What is often written about in advertisements etc.. is not always what it truly is. This report and audio to the left was from a survey recently conducted. The information was supplied by your peers and competitors to get to the bottom of [...]

Back on the 16th of March 2008, I wrote this entry Making Sense Out of Adsense this week I went back and really focused on trying to exclude certain advertisers that, well lets just say I wouldn’t invite them to my home.

Some if not most of the inflammatory ads out there today can really be tied back to two groups and there are others out there in network marketing practicing this as well. Sure these inflammatory ads will get you to click on them, and isn’t that what we really want if we have Adsense on our websites?

Today I was having a coaching session with someone that brought to light once again the challenges that many face while building our network marketing business.

Often we let our own mind create self doubt thereby sabotaging our efforts in building our business. She was no longer calling her prospects even those she had built a connection with.

What setup this sabotage?

Does this describe you? Sometimes it even describes myself. Often we get so wrapped up in email prospects, online forums, web 2.0 stuff that we are literally becoming introverts.

Over the course of time, I’ve watched some of the best prospectors work their craft. One of the things that they all shared in common was:

They where all ministers!

Now why is that note worthy? Because they had a strong understanding of people and how to connect with even the most distraught, angry or callous individuals.

When I first looked into network marketing, I was intrigued by the idea of sales. Yet, when I started and began to ask the questions to my upline, what training do we have on selling our products, the answer was.

Don’t worry about sales, just recruit people into your downline and get them on the product. That’s all you have to do to become successful! This statement led me on a search to find that information.

Google recently announced a decrease in adsense revenue. Is it the U.S. / Global economy that caused this decline? You would think that more people would be searching and generating even more income for them?

Since I write about network marketing, it only makes sense “no pun intended” to have adsense ads running. I finally decided, to stop running them.

No matter how much I tried to optimize the sites, by following their recommendations. All I would get are the same, negative, hype-filled advertisers using redirects to the same affiliate programs.

In another shocking blow from Google, your landing page quality Score will also be factored by the load time. This has far reaching effects for many of us in Network Marketing, depending on where we host our web sites. One of the things I’ve noticed for quite sometime now was how even reaching Google on [...]

Are you going the extra mile in your network marketing business? This weekend I finally took some advice that my good friend Dan Williams suggested I do and that is take a break.

Far to often we will push ourselves so hard that we tend to become counter productive. So with that said, this weekend my Wife and I took a nice drive down to Laughlin NV.

Had a wonderful lunch, drove into Arizona and proceeded back to Las Vega via highway 93. If you’ve never taken that drive it is probably one of the most boring drives heading out of Kingman AZ towards Las Vegas.

Based on a study done by AOL during the summer of 2007, which I’ve seen some information that was leaked from this.

They concluded that Ninety-Nine percent of Web Users do not click on ads on a monthly basis!

They also went on to state that of the one percent that do mostly only click once per month.

So what does this mean to us as network marketers? I’m sure you’ve probably already come to a conclusion.

I think this email was pretty relevent as it relates to the post I made yesterday. In Perry’s latest email he is quoting Dave Bullock on Why Google Just Won’t Shut up & Take Your Money?

All of the pieces are starting to fit together. In the news today there are reports that Google’s Ad traffic declined according to the report by ComScore for the month of January. Which caused the stock to drop 4.6%.

Today we have many people wearing the hat of a network marketing professional, yet how do we know just who is and is not telling the truth.

Are they qualified simply by having enough “Youtube Video’s” can you say low budget?

Today we have the new school of network marketing vs the old school? Everyone seems to think that it’s all about Web 2.0, search engines email campaigns etc… Yet no one simply picks up the phone!

For the past few years Fear based marketing has really taken on a whole new meaning. Individuals buy products and make decisions based on emotions rather then logic. When our buying decisions are based on emotion we tend to suffer from buyer’s remorse later.

This is clearly evident in the marketing we see today directed towards network marketing. There is an ebook out there with the catchy title of “The Death Of Network Marketing.” This book like so many others is designed, so that you’ll give up on your dream and switch over to affiliate marketing.

Any business today that wants to be around years into the future has to create and stick to some form of marketing budget. Just because your in network marketing does not make it any different.

I’ve heard some real horror stories from individuals. These individuals where encouraged to buy their way to the top “Front End Loading,” Generally when someone takes this approach there is little to nothing left with which to market their business.

Two thousand seven has seen a major shift in Network Marketing. Everywhere, you look we now see more people advertising how to do it then individuals actually offering opportunities.

What is really amazing is all the negative ads out there. If you where to believe these headlines network marketing is doomed. The only way you’re going to succeed is if you have inside information that only they possess. Free secret reports abound everywhere. So whom and what do you really want to believe?

Customer service is it a lost art? In many cases it is! The majority of companies out there promise it, yet seldom do they deliver it.

There are many reasons for this, employees who are overworked, underpaid and just plain do not care one way or another.

As a fairly recent Apple Computer owner, “Ok I have 5 of them now.” One of them had a problem almost since day one.

Today we find all kinds of advertising out there where it is quite clear that they don’t want you to know just who they really are. Why is it that they will only give you an email address? What are they afraid of? Maybe they are afraid that you might actually call them well isn’t [...]