When You Know How it Works!
Email Marketing

It’s No Secret: Autoresponders Are An Essential
Ingredient For Network Marketing Success!

But Do You Know…

The Autoresponder’s Other Secret?

Discover how you can utilize these systems to
turn your visitors into customers – downline…


Communications plays a vital role in building a business today.

Companies from the largest business to the smallest home business utilize e-mail marketing everyday.

With the economic downturn, most companies have returned to using it since it provides the most economical way to stay in front of their customers and prospects.

Integrating an autoresponder system into you network marketing website has never been easier than it is today.

No doubt, like everyone else you want to generate your own network marketing prospects

…and you should! Otherwise you would not be here reading this page!

Even reputable lead companies will tell that they are the best leads you can get. Yet, very few leads companies will tell you how to do it.

So where does it begin?

It begins with a website or blog, a newsletter subscription form or a landing page. The good news is we are not limited to one or the other…

…yet, you can have both and more with the right system!

Which system should we use? Self Hosted Or A Professional Grade Autoresponder…

With a self-hosted system…

…there are a few challenges that you’ll face, like getting your e-mail campaigns delivered. As network marketers, we are already a suspect based on the content we write about…

…it flags every internet service provider’s spam filters! Amateur’s use all kinds of tricks to beat the filters, which only confirms to the person you’re sending it to that you’re a spammer.

One benefit of self-hosted systems is the fact, you can upload any network marketing leads into your own system even ones you scrape off the internet…

…but It does not take long before your website and e-mail end up on the black list. That’s just not conducive to a long term business is it.

If you’re serious about your business…

…then you’ll no doubt want a professional grade system! Don’t cut corners here as I did at the beginning of my network marketing career, thinking only of the savings…

…the costs are minor when compared to other forms of marketing.

With a professional system, you can implement more then just a single e-mail campaign.

For example;

  • You could have a campaign for prospects generated from various landing pages.
  • A newsletter for downline members.
  • A newsletter for your customers.
  • With the right system, you can even publish your blog posts as a newsletter.

As you can see the possibilities are almost endless! By using our blog posts as newsletter material we can continue to provide great information to our readers, gaining their trust over time…

…If all we do is e-mail advertisements over and over, well I think you pretty well know how you feel about that!

With a professional system, they do require a double opt-in to receive your email campaigns. Double opt-in’s help alleviate the comment I never requested that…

…still I have had people that double opted-in, sent material too which they requested, to later swear up and down they did not request anything!

Sounds just like any lead you can purchase right!

The professional system I recommend, take it for a test drive. See if it meets your needs, its far more than just a autoresponder!

How can you build a targeted list of subscribers to your autoresponder?