That is a question that really needs an answer. Is SEO really dead on Google? Are they screwing with network marketers? Or is it everyone? Over the past few years I’ve noticed a trend, maybe you have too. In the short video I put together for this it kind of points out and supports the […]

Hi Welcome to Tip 7 Today I want to give you some practical advice for finding Your Best Network Marketing Leads for your particular promotion. One problem I see is that a large number of marketers move from one lead source to the next trying to find the best leads for their business. When I ask them […]

Hi welcome to Tip 8, I’m Andre Vatke. Today’s tip comes from a question submitted by Thomas in Virginia. He writes… “I see a lot of promotions about generating free traffic. Do any of these actually work or can you recommend any ways to generate free web traffic?” Well Thomas, you are certainly not alone […]

So why Anovite? 7 years ago my health began to deteriorate. I can remember coming out of anesthesia and hearing the Doctor telling my wife it was the worst he had ever seen. He was referring to acid reflux disease. He put me on medication, a very popular purple pill. 2 ½ months later I […]

If you’ve watched my video series Network Marketing Beginners Introduction. You would understand how CTFO became my top recommended network marketing company. I’ve been in this business a very long time. Longer than I care to remember. It used to be all about the pay plan and how much money that could be made. CTFO […]

There have been a lot of predictions made about network marketing. One presented frequently over the past 10 or 12 years is that the Internet will kill off network marketing. Those that make this claim say that today a simple search will find you any product you want direct from the source. So who actually […]

Hello Glenn Burks here from Each morning, like normal I get up and have a cup of coffee. I check and read my emails. This morning there was an interesting email. It was a reply to my network marketing works blog email list that is sent out from Google. Sent out to people who […]

Welcome, Glenn here at When it comes right down to it, what essential network marketing tools do you really need in your toolbox to be successful today? Over time everything changes! Your marketing methods either change, and you change with them as well or you get left behind. Network marketing tools can range from the […]

Tip THREE comes from a question submitted by Lori in Boston… Lori writes… “When I first got involved in network marketing back in 1999 I joined a company after I fell in love with their product. I loved the product but after 3 years I wasn’t able to make any money. I eventually dropped out […]

This past Sunday I spent several hours going through several of my websites. It has been quite some time since I’d gone through and cleaned up all of the dead links. I was quite surprised as I got through to the end of cleaning up the links. Just seeing how many network marketers websites have […]

Welcome to this contact management video series. I created back in 2006 for the Works Team as we called ourselves. Sadly due to greed, that organization like so many others fell apart. While this contact management video series maybe old, the principals and concepts of the network marketing prospecting process remain the same. You can […]

Hello Glenn here from network marketing works. I often wonder why news organizations are writing network marketing articles. Why do they care or more like what is their angle? You would think they would have far more important things to report about. Instead they take the time to write articles about how to succeed in […]

Network Marketing Tips (Why it’s The Best Free Training You Can Get) There aren’t many jobs or industries that truly offer an equal opportunity for all. Yet this is exactly what network marketing does. I am Andre Vatke and I’ll be your host for this empowering free video series called 52 network marketing tips. I’ve […]

Hi, Glenn Burks here I need your help today. I’m am looking for the best network marketing company to join in 2018.  I have taken a long and well-deserved vacation from network marketing. But, now I’m back and I’m looking for the best network marketing companies out there to join. This is not about me, trying […]

Everyone has their favorite method of marketing for their network marketing business! What is yours? Over the years I seen, read, and utilized many different methods. While many seem to be effective without tracking it really is hard to tell which method is producing the most results with the least amount of effort. Today you […]

I’m always amazed when someone who has been involved in network marketing for quite awhile ask this question about Leaders Club. This question has generally come up after they’ve spent time on their web site and seen the names of past members. Individuals whose names they see plastered all over the internet. People like Dillard, […]

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these advertisements running but they’re back once again. The idea is interesting, if you have no time to build your business. And, you have far more money than time. But, we have to ask how can that be duplicated by those that are recruited to join your business? As […]

With all the hoopla marketers used in the past to convince everyone of the impending death of network marketing as we know it! They claimed it would be replaced by internet network marketing, and many of us have utilized it very successfully in the past. Who really knows the shear number of blogs being created […]

For anyone in network marketing thinking about tying the internet in I want to point out something you have to look forward to, network marketers who scrape content! Sadly there are a few network marketers out there who believe that they can just take what ever they want and train others to do the same […]

Earlier today I came across a post that stated network marketing sales skills where easy to learn. I found that kind of odd after watching numerous people over the course of the past seven years watching and observing people. While the outline of the sales process is easy to understand, it is the implementation of […]

Most people, including myself, first looked into and then started into our new venture in network marketing mainly for the money that could be made. Maybe, that is why you started and then again maybe not. Everyone wants more out of life, and today is no exception with all the uncertainty in todays economy. Often […]

Why do many network marketers tie duplication in network marketing to some system that you need to purchase along with your downline? Is this truly duplication or just using the same tools thousands of others are as well? No doubt there are plenty of systems to choose from so that you can appear different from […]

If you’ve spent any time in network marketing you have no doubt heard it called a pyramid scheme. There are numerous websites designed to “help protect you” from these schemes! The individuals who produce this information often show you formula as to why it will never work. You know, that we would eventually run out […]

Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business. Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we’ve been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us […]

Today if you look online you’ll find plenty of information on what many believe to be the top network marketing companies. Yet, most if not all of the observations are based on factors that are totally irrelevant to the success of the company. Ranking a company according to it’s Google page rank, Alexa rank and […]

When you first start out in network marketing or any other business you’ll read a lot of information on the internet maybe a few books etc… I know I did and I’m sure you have as well. If there is one thing we’ve learned from the past couple of years in this crappy economy, it is […]

Today red sweater released Marsedit 3 a desktop blog editing software for the Mac. Ever since I discovered this software I’ve used it primarily for all of my blogging endeavors. One of the draw backs of versions prior to version 3 was the ability in WordPress to edit pages, now you can. For previous owners […]

If there is one thing in online marketing today it is the fact that it is always in a constant state of change. By the time most people find out what works, it’s changed. For example, for quite awhile we’ve had pretty much a free run on Twitter when it comes to advertising and promoting […]

How often have you seen advertisements or blog posts that indicate you can generate free network marketing leads? Can you really get some thing for nothing? I guess many people would love to believe that you can, but reality indicates otherwise. I guess it is possible if you place absolutely no value on your time […]

In some instances you’ll find yourself in need of gender based network marketing leads, female or male leads. For many companies, gender specific leads are not as important for the success of their various products and services. Yet, there are some products and services that only appeal to a certain demographic… …A few years back […]

I find it kind of ironic that as marketers we spend far more time trying to generate network marketing leads then actually talking to leads. If you ask any network marketer what one of their biggest challenges is, you’ll hear them reply finding qualified leads. No doubt leads are vital to any business that has […]

Given time almost everything in network marketing can be learned. Still, many tasks we have to do are not easily duplicated by our downline. Marketing today has become very complicated as we continue to explore ways to grow your businesses. Years ago all you had to do was talk to enough people. Today, we have […]

When building a network marketing website and you delve into the SEO aspect, you’ll find a variety of opinions. One that is talked about often is the code to text ratio. Yet, when you look at many of the websites in the top ten many have what you’d call horrible ratios. As some have pointed […]

At least, not today by any measurable standard. While that may have been true in the beginning of online network marketing, today there a billions of pages on the subject. The term network marketing is to broad in scope and the competition is fierce! Yet, there are smaller segments within the term where one can […]

What is one of the best ways to get you to click on an ad? Well I do believe the title said it all… …Start it off with a warning or truth, your curiosity will no-doubt get you to click on it. Ironically there is almost no truth or warning at all. Do you really […]

Years ago, network marketing website owners having related subject matter used to link to each other. Today it is a far different story, with blogging software becoming more widespread most just use comments. A few years ago I would receive on average at least one to two link requests each day. Now it is more […]

Well, after what seems like an eternity I’m finally back to posting again on Network Marketing Works! It’s not that I’ve been lazy or anything like that. As you can probably tell, or maybe you can’t if you’ve never been here before the site has an entirely new look. It is almost back to one […]

If Only 3% Succeed, What Must You Know, To Choose The Best Network Marketing Opportunity? Everyday, individuals from all walks of life, from average folks like you and me to corporate executives are wading through the multitude of companies trying to find the best network marketing opportunity. What makes this difficult is, our lack of knowledge… […]

Effective Followup With Your Customers and Downline to what could be one of the most important pages of your Network Marketing Career! Yet it is one of the least understood aspects of any business. How Difficult was it to get that First Customer or Downline Member? If Customer / downline retention is not one of […]

This is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects in your network marketing business today. The proper implementation and use of collateral marketing is essential to your success. Today, network marketers should be using this yet, they’re not. And when they do use it, they don’t use it effectively. If you believe that you are […]

Wow, where does the time go. I realized I hadn’t written a post here in a little over a month, as I was exploring the idea of moving this site to a new platform. During this discovery phase it brought out many questions – the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of doing it. And more specifically which […]

I’ve always taken a more cautious approach when it comes to implementing technology, like static web pages vs blogging software etc… Social media is not really anything new, blogs, instant messengers, have been around for a while now. They allowed people to interact with each other long before twitter and facebook really took hold. Twitter […]

Since I actually still talk to people struggling with their network marketing businesses everyday, there are a few things that surface during these discussions. Since the beginning of this recession, many companies and network marketers have seen a decline revenue coming in. People are a little more skeptical each day. Companies have chased each others […]

When it comes to finding the best network marketing success training to ensure your success where do you begin? This is something I’ve written about quite often. And, finding it is not always easy. Today everyone is branding themselves as a the best to the point that it is almost obnoxious. To succeed in any […]

I find it kind of ironic that individuals promoting and utilizing social media to advance their network marketing business have taken the social out of it. If you look at the definition of social one aspect is: “relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure!” In network marketing this […]

…Most of the individuals in network marketing will not take it. I know when I started I didn’t. I followed just about anything that sounded good. To put it bluntly, I was following training advice from people that seemed to know what they where doing. It wasn’t until I really began to focus did I […]

Early this morning I was sent the link to an article written on Which raises some very interesting questions and still needs further clarification. So how does this affect us as network marketers? You can read the full article here “FTC Blogging Rules Pose Advertising Risks!” As I read the article, I had tweetdeck […]

When it comes to building a successful network marketing business today, you’ll find polarized views on both sides. The old school crowd and the new school crowd! There is nothing wrong with old school methods (Avon Reps have been doing it for years) provided you know exactly what you’re doing. Yet, most individuals make simple […]

Combining the internet with network marketing, everyone is promoting right? Yet, from all this free advice out there how many have actually been successful with it? Finding success on the internet requires extreme patience, the one thing that most of us including myself lack. I was reading an article from Bob Bly today, titled “What […]

Why would anyone give up on what they know is working for them in network marketing for what they don’t know? It beats the crap out of me… Yet, one individual I recently talked to was doing just that. And, this individual was not taking the easy path. By following the advice he had discovered […]

Why is the divorce rate so high? It really makes you wonder what all the buzz about attraction marketing is about. One of my former uplines, used to talk about prospecting and relating it to courting. Which really makes sense when you think about it! When you first begin to date someone you are in […]

Take a day, any day, and do a search on network marketing or multi-level marketing and you’ll find what is termed Outrageous marketing methods being employed. Using shock and awe to get you to click on the ad, where you’ll find the statements like these: Are you tired of Old School Marketing Methods! You know […]

When, I sat down to write this blog post today, my first thought was to title it “What Truck Drivers Should be doing, but their not!” When we talk about network marketing, we talk about the freedom it can bring. How it can allow us to work anywhere we have cell phone coverage and / […]

Time sure flies don’t it. It has been almost a month since most of us have thought about, and many of us have written down our goals for our network marketing business. If statistics hold true, over 70 percent of us have either dropped or completely forgotten the new goals we’ve set for this year. […]

Just about everyday I interact with individuals that are new to network marketing. Generally when I get to chat with them it is only after they’ve run into trouble or are conflicted about what they’ve heard and experienced. Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with an individual who was going through this conflicting process and […]

Recently I had someone contact me to ask the question: “Can you really earn (fill-in your amount) per month in network marketing?” Everyone finds a business that they believe suits them and meet’s their goal for generating income. They let it run for a few months or more, they decide to get on the internet… […]

Yesterday I read one of the dumbest post on network marketing I’ve heard in quite awhile. It read three reasons people fail, while some of it was valid one part I have to disagree with. Their argument was people fail because they are not using someone else’s marketing system. A marketing system that in reality […]

Everyday I get a great laugh from new twitter followers. It starts like this my latests network marketing blog post goes out and here come all the new followers. So I follow them back, only later to be sent a direct message like the following: Thanks so much for the follow, I hope you have […]

This year is really exciting to be in network marketing, my phone is ringing off the hook. Now that’s exciting isn’t it, just what we want to happen? The new Scraper Pro users are chasing me down and pitching how I can generate an endless flow of leads if I only buy this software. You […]

In the news yesterday was an article from the Associated Press. The article painted a bleak picture for the millions of Americans that are currently unemployed. It states that a new finding a new job often means a pay cut, often accompanied with a relocation to a new area for a job. They cited a […]

The other day, watching the ads fly by one after another on twitter one individual tweeted “Checking Out a System So I can Get Downline up to speed!” Using the statement checking out a system, really is kind of vague? And as history has proven, just plugging people in does not guarantee that your people […]

Each year we set new goals for ourselves. We tell ourselves that this year will be the year that our network marketing business grows exponentially. 88 percent of Americans set New Year’s resolutions each year. Yet, by January 2nd over half of those resolutions have already been abandoned. Followed by another 10 percent by January […]

I thought 2008 was a tough year for many in network marketing, 2009 seems to have been much worse. While many where all hoping that the economy would improve, there is still little evidence to suggest that it has done anything more than stop its slide off a cliff. It has left millions of people […]

I wrote a post on Dec 5th titled the “Top 5 Ways to Become Unattractive In Network Marketing Today!” Number 2 on my list was to use the software Scraper Pro. As I stated there the software is not illegal! But, how many are using and promoting it (auto-dialers) could land you in serious financial […]

With millions of blogs out there, and more on the way everyday can you really blog your way to network marketing success? I’m sure we all wish it was that easy! The sad truth is the internet is littered with abandoned websites and blogs. With a static website, it is difficult to tell that it […]

Most Blogging software creates categories, yet most people want to change the text that appears at the top from the ugly “From The Category Archives” to something different. The WordPress Thesis Theme is no different and in my research I found there are a few different ways to accomplish this. I started looking into accomplishing […]

Generating or purchasing network marketing leads is a hotly contested debate with many pro’s and con’s to both methods. Last nights LeadersClub training session that was the topic of discussion. For those that have been members, they already know the answer to that question… …LeadersClub is a training and leads company, yet they’ll be the […]

…And, you’ll also need to be running an Apple Computer to use the software. This software has really impressed me and so I’m sharing the information with you. So what does it do for you that you cannot do within WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad or other blogging software? The one feature, I find awesome […]

Developing a web presence ranks high on the list for a majority of network marketers, and it should! The internet has radically changed how most people perceive business should be done today. And, getting an internet presence today has never been easier or has it? Registering a domain name is easy, setting up a web […]

Everyone talks about it today, “attraction marketing” the revolutionary way to get people to join your business. Yet, people continue to join the unattractive crowd everyday. # 1 Use Ibuzzpro. Face it people hate telemarketers or robots calling and interrupting their lives! They hate it so much that the FTC created some pretty strong laws. […]

Just about everyday you can find a news article that trashes network marketing. The real question is why are they doing it? Does it fall in line with the fact that they are losing market dominance in every facet of their business model? Or is it that we can no longer believe what they are […]

Often we go through life with the blinders on, we have that secure feeling that if I just do everything right it cannot possibly happen to me. Well guess again, it can and does happen. I discovered this in a tweet today by Chris Brogan, and boy did it strike a cord. Just recently I […]

Buying Leads is one of the quickest ways to go broke in network marketing. Even generating them on your own can cause you to go broke. Hard to believe isn’t it? How can you go broke by generating your own network marketing leads or by purchasing leads? Because working with leads is foreign to anything […]

It seems like not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email from someone (generally spam) offering what they call really good traffic generation techniques. While some are good the vast majority of them are outright schemes. No doubt if your in network marketing or have a home business you’ve received a few […]

On the 11th of November 2009 I was at my brothers funeral. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident just a few days earlier. My brother was never in network marketing yet, it appears from the poem that was written below he was a master marketer. Someone who truly listened to what people wanted […]

Today I was re-reading one of my favorite books by Hal Urban, titled “Life’s Greatest Lessons” 20 Things That Matter. At the end of the Introduction he quotes an ancient Chinese proverb: I hear…and I forget I see…and I remember I do…and I understand I’ve read many quotes over the years that echo along those […]

The new rules that go into effect on December 1st 2009 are already having a chilling and welcome affect on network marketing advertising. The new rules or “Guides Concerning the Use Of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” An 81 page document. For years now, we’ve all seen network marketing ads and landing pages that use […]

Recently, one of the newsletters I receive called MarketingPower by Andre Vatke, covered this topic, and how it affects many individuals in network marketing. As I read this statement: It turns out that the average network marketer spends more time researching a new computer of cell phone plan than they do the network marketing company […]

… I only have two hours a day to work my business, so I need it to come fast!

When I read that statement this morning, I just about choked on my first cup of coffee…

… As my mind quickly flashed to all the things that I never had the time to learn.

Those little things that had helped me along the road to finding success within network marketing. You know those things like:

… Or just passionate about the money you’ll make in network marketing?

Many advertisers today believe you are far more interested in the money you’ll make, and that you really have no passion about what you do to achieve it!

Life is a lot easier when you are passionate about what you’re doing.

Your passion can lead to a more fulling life.

Early in my life I always had this dream of living in Alaska, how many young boys that like to hunt and fish have that dream?

This past year I essentially took the summer off from writing.

It was nice to get away from it, take a mental break, from dissecting all the garbage floating out there.

Unfortunately like most people I got wrapped up in all the political shenanigans. You would have thought the election cycle had stopped, yet the evidence suggests it is still in full swing.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, we’ve witnessed bailout after bailout, and different sources suggest we’re far from finished.

Last year saw a resurgence of network marketing support companies “yeah right” began to push marketers to utilize auto-dialers in their marketing.

It is really sad that quite a few network marketers got sucked into these systems, lets face it no-one likes to prospect, so we’ll try to take the easy way out of it.

I don’t know about you, but I really get tired of seeing headlines that state “If I had only been in the right place at the right time!”

A few people do actually fall into a great deal, they where in the right place at the right time, when the stars where all aligned.

Yet, it may only happen once in a lifetime!

For the rest of us, we must create our own luck if you really want to call it that!

Most of us really cannot see the gold-mine that is right in front of us, due to all the noise and distraction that fills our lives everyday.

Today in network marketing individuals are being taught, it is ok to steal – plagiarize other peoples content. They do this even though they have no relationship to the individual, past or present. Why would anyone in network marketing need to resort to this? Do they not realize they are sabotaging their business… …and just […]

Everywhere I look today, I see individuals in network marketing that are being taught to call themselves a consultant. Why do they do it? One of my former downline members who now calls himself a consult was terminated for plagerism of the companies training material. I guess he thought, taking articles written by someone else, […]

If you do a search on the internet, everyone is proclaiming you need 10 to 50 new network marketing leads a day. When I see this on Twitter, Blogs, Web Sites, and Social sites all I can think of is naive marketers. Now follow me here… Are they telling you the truth? In order to […]

Over the past couple of months I ran a test with Network Marketers who’ve followed my on Twitter. I’ve not done what most of my competition (which seems to be everyone) which is chase people down. I.E. Build List. You can easily tell that 98 percent of those who have followed you really have no […]

Today in the news was an article by CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell about Network Marketing company MonaVie’s sponsorship of Tomas Scheckter who competes in this weekends Indy 500.

In what appears clearly as a blatant attack on MLM – Network marketing by the CNBC reporter, dissecting it shows this article is total crap, “Is MonaVie Endorsement Risky?

First Darren indicates that he is not going to get into whether or not Acai is good or bad, he is going to talk about the numbers game.

The frustration that you’re experiencing is not uncommon, and I empathize with anyone going through this phase of network marketing! In 2007, I was so frustrated I was ready to through in the towel on network marketing, even though I was making a great full time income. Yet, I almost made a fatal mistake of […]

Why does it seem that prospecting is so difficult in network marketing? If leads are the life blood, then prospecting it the heart beat! Most network marketers would rather do anything, then take the steps that will move their business forward. There are a few important factors that set the successful network marketers apart from […]

Since the beginning of 2009 there have been quite a few news media articles written about network marketing. There has almost been at least one a week since the beginning of the year that places MLM – Network Marketing in an unfavorable light. I wrote a post along these lines last month titled “Are You […]

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