2008 A Year In Review

This year has been tough for everyone, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs; many have lost their homes.

Yet ten’s of thousands have started a network marketing business!

At the start of the 2008, the outlook on the economy did not look so bleak. As the year progressed, thanks to the constant bombardment of the media about how bad everything was, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Today we hear constantly about consumers not spending, “has that affected your business?”

Now people are holding onto their money, they are more reluctant to join any business or purchase products, can you really blame them?

Now is the Time To get serious about your Network Marketing Business!

When you really look at it, now is the time to focus on your business! There are many reasons why you should be doing it, but knowing how to do it effectively and within a budget will determine your success or failure!

By having our own home based business, we can work from home, driving when we want, not everyday as our neighbors do.

I know what a savings this can be, this past summer when diesel fuel hit almost $5.00 a gallon here my truck stayed idle, what a savings.

This year I had to address issues that people had about their business they where all set to quit because of the outcome of the election.

This was all due to the tax the rich “anyone making over $250,000.00 a year. If you’re not making over this which we clearly know 99% of network marketers are not, this would not affect you.

This year we witnessed a few companies hit with investigations.

It becomes very easy in a recession for this to happen. As the companies profits begin to fall from the lack of sales it begins to look like a pyramid scheme.

Many network marketers, either cut back or quit advertising their business completely, taking the wrong approach.

Even in down markets skillful marketers not only survive they excel. They place themselves in a better position strategically when the economy turns around.

This year really has really shown us what we really need, we can go through our budgets and get rid of those items that are not producing the desired results.

I often think of the money I’ve wasted buying software that was supposed to explode my business, only to find years later that I really didn’t need it, what is needed is the right marketing education.

More companies rolled out New Products

Just because a recession is here, companies still produce cutting edge products. There are many markets that still need to be filled.

Health will always be an issue, people want to live better lives, do you have the products they need?

Network Marketers, still need training if they want to be successful, your success is really up to you, not your upline nor your company.

And there are companies out there filling this requirement, yet not all are the same.

If 2008 was a disaster for you then you owe it to yourself, your family, to make 2009 a better year business wise.

Do not let negative thoughts about the economy prevent you from moving forward and generating your own success.

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