Is the 3 foot rule really dead in Network Marketing?

How has your experience been using the 3 foot rule with your products and services? Probably not what you’ve expected.

A few days ago a good friend and I where having a discussion about this very topic. We both knew of people that had tremendous success retailing their products to their local market.

Others have had virtually no success at all including myself, especially when it came to the business opportunity side.

Was it the approach that was used? Maybe, we are not all born with great sales skills, although the skills can be acquired.

What about the products or services we have to marketing. Most of them can be purchased much cheaper through local markets.

I remember finding cases of one of the leading nutrition  network marketing companies at Costco one day.

How can we as marketers compete when the very products we have to offer can be found some where else and at a more competitive price.

About a year ago I stumbled onto a service that excited me. It was something that has slowly changed my thoughts on my warm marketing or even the three foot rule.

As I talk to more people about this service, I find that the majority of them are interested in learning more about it.

I get emails with statements like this in them: I found you via a google search for network marketing.

Your”network-marketing-works” site had a link to Citizenre which has ARRESTED my attention: I WANT IN!!!

Now that is the kind of product or service we want for our network marketing business. Just the other day I was talking to my neighbor, he asked how my business was going.

As I started talking about this new service within just a few minutes he indicated he wanted more information on this service.

So how does your product or service measure up? Far to often we make decisions on a network marketing company based on outrageous incomes that are earned very quickly. Yet seldom does anyone ever achieve it.

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