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4Life Research offers an extraordinary opportunity for people everywhere who want to improve the way they live. 4Life is the only company with Transfer Factor, a revolutionary product that enhances health by boosting the immune system. Other nutritional products treat health issues symptom by symptom.

Transfer Factor goes right to the source the immune system helping the body fight disease the way nature intended.

And once the immune system is in optimal condition, 4Life offers additional products that target
various body systems.

Working synergistically with Transfer Factor to create an overall wellness you may never before have experienced.

This singular approach to health is matched by 4Life’s unique Life Rewards Plan, a program designed
to reward independent distributors for sharing Transfer Factor and other 4Life products with others.

Life Rewards includes the most generous commission structure in the network marketing industry,
along with bonuses, recognition, and incentive trips that can’t be rivaled.

Our Power Pool, for instance, offers a share of all global 4Life sales to individual distributors…and
it can be earned within a new distributor’s first two months in the business! Combine all this with 4Life’s superior distributor support and insightful corporate vision, and you’ve got an opportunity you simply can’t pass up!

4Life Research
Corporate Information
4Life Research
9850 South 300 West
Sandy, UT 84070

Questions we have receive here at the site from 4Life research representatives.

Ques   My biggest challenge is in marketing the product and business. Business first of course but I have not received the material yet but I beleive in the company because my mother was really sick before and I have noticed the difference in her using their product.

This is what is generally taught in most businesses to recruit people with little to no focus on gathering customers for our various products or services.

Developing good marketing skills in both gathering customers and business partners is essential to your success.

Ques   I’m having trouble prospecting.

Having trouble prospecting is not all too uncommon. Most of us would rather find a shortcut to this learning process. Prospecting is a skill developed over time and practice, yet most people will quit before they develop the necessary skillset to succeed.

Most people will jump from one lead company to the next looking for the magical lead, they just don’t exist. If you put prospecting into its proper perspective that is, it is a training and skill development function that we must all go through.

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