75 Percent of People Know MLM Does Not Work?

Hello Glenn Burks here from network-marketing-works.com. Each morning, like normal I get up and have a cup of coffee. I check and read my emails.

This morning there was an interesting email. It was a reply to my network marketing works blog email list that is sent out from Google. Sent out to people who have signed up to be on that list.

This was the email reply from Pierre.

June 27

I have unsubscribed to your emails. 75% of people know MLM does not work, 90% quit MLM within 90 days.
MLM doe(SIC) not work.


To me this sounds like Pierre is very, very, upset. And you have to wonder why did this individual get started in network marketing or multilevel marketing? Did he fail? Now I’m assuming he failed by his message, I could be wrong!

Sadly it is true 97% of network marketers fail.

This was from a study conducted by Leaders Club many many years ago.

It still holds true today, sadly not much is changed.  The real issue though is it’s not so much that the process of network marketing or multilevel marketing is flawed. It goes back to the one common denominator it’s the people.

And by people. I mean you have people who have no knowledge of marketing, or business experience, bringing in other people who have no marketing or business experience. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Yet the DSA indicates we have 30+ million people in network marketing. Are they the 3%? Are they the ones that are successful? I believe so. What is it that they did different, that you’re not doing now.

Probably one of the biggest failures in MLM / Network Marketing, is they are following exactly what their company told them to do. From people that have gotten high up into the company for many different reasons.

They tell you to go after your warm market and cold markets, yet they can give you no guidance on how to do it.

So they begin to stray from the beaten path and seek information. They buy this course and that course, attend this webinar, this meeting from people who’ve never done it themselves.

These internet-network-marketers can give you all the information you need to be successful when in fact most of them are not successful or have never done it at all.

My partner and I have put together a system, I should not call it a system, it’s a marketing system. Complete with everything that is need to promote our business.  The system we put together we made it drop dead simple and it allows anyone to plugin.

Done by two certified marketing consultants who’ve been marketing for decades.

Not only have we put together landing, capture pages, and email campaigns for our new members. We have the experience to guide them and teach them through multiple videos, conference calls etc. on how to implement this marketing system and become successful.

So the next time you hear MLM or Network Marketing doesn’t work maybe you’ll understand, it’s not the product, it’s not the service, it’s not the company, it’s the people!

If you want to learn more I invite you to read through the website here at network-marketing-works. You’ll find out what works, what doesn’t! And if you still feel lost send me an email or give me a phone call I’ll be happy to help you!

So now you have to ask yourself “Do you want to be part of the 3% crowd?” Or “Part of the 97% crowd?” You Do Have A Choice!

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