Adsense & Network Marketing Does It Really Make Sense?

Back on the 16th of March 2008, I wrote this entry Making Sense Out of Adsense this week I went back and really focused on trying to exclude certain advertisers that, well lets just say I wouldn’t invite them to my home.

Some if not most of the inflammatory ads out there today can really be tied back to two groups and there are others out there in network marketing practicing this as well. Sure these inflammatory ads will get you to click on them, and isn’t that what we really want if we have Adsense on our websites?

Of course it is, but when the ad does not match the content of my sites, other then they where just bidding on “network marketing” it really does not belong there, at all. The only option you have is to keep up on it daily, by going into your Adsense account and blocking the offending marketers as competitive ads.

The real issue with that is, this is not the reason for blocking these ads in the first place. So they really needed a way for the website owners to communicate with them why certain ads where being excluded from the website.

I spent far to much of my precious time this week, cleaning out the garbage and still it is not working effectively. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the newbies coming out and mimicking their mentors on how to inflame people. The sad part is most of these people do run out of money before they have any success.

There Is Good News Though!


The Adsense team have been working on a project since december called the Ad Review Center. They posted on the 17th of March 2008 that they are in the process of rolling it out.

What I’m seeing here really is a pattern, in which they are beginning to clean up the mess that is out there in marketing today. Many people see it on the net, it turns them off, yet they do not report it.

Google has always been very accommodating in there advertising department. Essentially you write what you want and it is up there running within minutes. With the new developments on the proper use of URL’s, Landing Page Load times all being factored in it will do wonders for cleaning up some of the mess.

Now with the Ad Review Center, when you block an ad you will be able to explain exactly why you did it. I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here. Why not have ten’s of thousands of website owners who also use Adsense along side their content, bring in the human part and assist them in cleaning up these unscrupulous advertisers.

My gut feeling tells me this is what’s happening. If it is could you actually get a warning message if you have enough complaints, again a quality score issue. And if you persist could it also mean a total ban from advertising with them?

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