Almost A Month Into 2010

Time sure flies don’t it. It has been almost a month since most of us have thought about, and many of us have written down our goals for our network marketing business.

If statistics hold true, over 70 percent of us have either dropped or completely forgotten the new goals we’ve set for this year.

Dropping our goals is one thing, but forgetting our goals is something we can get control of. Starting a journal is one of the best things you can do for both your business and personal life.

A journal can be either in written form, something that at times appears easier to do or it can be in an electronic format.

As a Mac user, I’ve use the software MacJournal by Mariner Software to keep my electronic version of a journal.

They also produce a Windows version called WinJournal for windows users. Both versions allow an individual to keep a journal and use it for blogging.

So why keep a journal?

As a network marketer we have an overload of information bombarding us each day. Often we’ll run across something that sparks an idea. If we don’t take the time to write both the idea and our thoughts on it…

…Well, you know what happens to it. It becomes lost forever!

Everyone it seems today wants to blog their way to network marketing success! Getting used to writing in your journal each day helps get those creative juices flowing.

Thus it makes it much easier to create original and high quality blog content. There is a tired and worn out cliche, “Content Is King!” Yet, original content is truly king!

If you’re not keeping a journal and tracking your network marketing business result’s, start today!

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