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Anovite - Network Marketing CompanySo why Anovite?

7 years ago my health began to deteriorate. I can remember coming out of anesthesia and hearing the Doctor telling my wife it was the worst he had ever seen.

He was referring to acid reflux disease. He put me on medication, a very popular purple pill. 2 ½ months later I kneeled down and blew my knee out.

It was then that I read the side effects of the medication and there it was in black and white! One of the side effects was… You guessed it brittle bones.

When I went to the Doctor at the base hospital, he told me we are not even going to do a MRI because of your age and we know we’ll find something torn in there anyway. I’m not kidding! Welcome to government healthcare!

He then prescribe a knee brace and opioid medication… Well I used the knee brace for a while and threw the opioids away.

Years later my walking became more and more difficult.

I went to the doctors thinking it had to be something with my knee etc.… Turns out that all the antacids I was taking blocks the body from getting essential vitamins… Go Figure

Finally after years had gone by, one doctor after reviewing MRI’s he’d ordered said you probably have MS. Then he said but you’re really too old for that.

They prescribed another medication… a muscle relaxer. Now when you talked it sounded just like you’d come out of the bar. Your speech was slurred, but you no longer felt any of the chronic pain I had in my back, hips and knees.

That lasted all of three days, my body hurt so bad after 3 days with that medication. Oh, and another side effect reared its ugly head “internal bleeding” there it was again listed in the medications warnings.

So, now I had severe acid reflux and probably MS. Life was beginning to look a little bleak at this point. A friend of mine (Ken) told me about a product. He was very adamant in that I really needed to try it. I could order it right from Amazon. So I looked at it. Boy it was pricey.

So I kept on doing the same old thing swallowing antacids by the bucketful…

…I’m a skeptic by nature!

The acid reflux was so bad I kept bottles of antacids everywhere.  I wouldn’t leave the house without them.

At night, the acid would come up, I’d wake up choking unable to breath. My wife thought I was going to die. Sound familiar? If you could see the images it would scare you as to what it’s doing to your throat.

It got to the point she would call me and tell me what we were having for dinner and to take the antacids.

Finally one day I decided I’d order this product (Colostrum.) Everything I had read about it made sense.

What didn’t’ was the fact that the Government demanded this part  of the product be removed from a product!

I started taking this product, within 10 days I found myself needing less and less antacids. Within two months, I finally lost the fear going to sleep, wondering if I wouldn’t wake up or wake up choking to death.

6 months after starting with Colostrum, I can eat spicy food, pizza, cereal with milk, chili, pretty much whatever I want! And, with no ill effects, no waking up choking to death at night!!!!

Ok, don’t believe me… You really don’t know what it’s like to have to give up the food you love because eating it just might kill you at night!

Based on my network marketing past and the ability to listen to a prospect.

I was pointing people to this product (Colostrum) almost daily. And, following up with them!

They were getting positive results, it was changing their lives as well.

It dawned on me one day, here I was promoting somebody else’s product with more enthusiasm then any product ever before. Because, Amazon was making a fortune off of me.

I wondered if there was a network marketing company out there with this product.

There was Anovite…

I did a little research on Anovite! I joined the company more to get the Colostrum6 at a cheaper price than I was paying for the other brand on Amazon.

Further more the products lab testing pointed out the the product (Anovite Colostrum6) was better than the more expensive product.

And, to prove it they give you a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on it.

Again don’t take my word for it… Prove it to yourself.

There is two ways to Join Anovite

As an associate builder:

This is what I did.  I selected the Colostrum6 Family Pack. This option is for building a network marketing business.

As an associate member:

This is like joining Costco or Sam’s club it allows you to save on products from Anovite. Plus you can always change to the associate builder in the future.

I hope you’ll learn more about them and try their product Colostrum6, it is changing my life! I really love their slogan…

Anti-aging is not about adding years to life… It’s about adding life to years!

Anovite, is my highly recommend network marketing company it helps you live a better life.

Click here Start your Journey to Better Health

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