Is Anybody Listening To Your Message?

Awhile back a network marketer was sending out messages via Twitter asking questions with apparently no response. Some of the questions where related to web software?

Apparently, after awhile of getting no replies he became frustrated and asked the question “Is anybody listening?”

Truth is very few are, we would like to kid ourselves into thinking they are. With the technology we have today anyone can broadcast on the internet, with the thought that they are reaching their target market.

How often have you been frustrated when working network marketing leads when you discovered that other people where calling them? It is not uncommon with todays glut of information to request information from more than one source.

While you might have been competing anywhere from three to thirty other network marketers for the prospects attention, now you are competing with tens of thousands.

Are your broadcast message, your social marketing pages in reality just getting lost and mixed in with the rest of the clutter. I’ve read many great books on marketing, hopefully, you know what a niche market is?

In network marketing finding success, often means doing what others will not do. It means not following the crowd, becoming your own master, discovering those niches where your message and voice can be heard.

I’ve found it almost hilarious watching network marketers adapting Twitter to their opportunity pitches. Maybe two percent even comes close to using it for what it was designed for, building friendships, and communicating!

Repeating your message or series of messages about your business opportunity over the course of the day only furthers the reaction and credibility that anyone listening to you will perceive.

After awhile people just stop listening to you, so when you do have something worthwhile, you’ve already killed your audience. Then there is naivety in believing that other network marketers are interested in you business opportunity.

When you broadcast to others in the same field but different companies it’s almost like Ford trying to sell cars to GM employees. No doubt you’ve been taught to do this, stand at the internet mall and just keep shouting your message!

Again, you back to sending your message out to individuals that really could careless about your business. It’s almost funny in network marketing when you go to another marketers blog and comment. Unless your a member of their team your message never gets published or they remove your name and link to your site.

If you want anyone to listen to your message maybe it’s time you stopped following the crowds, find your niche and talk to people who actually want to hear from you! It’s almost funny today with nobody calling leads there is a void there that many will capitalize on!

The question is will you keep shouting into the void or take the necessary action, to build your business today?

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  • tip Dec 7, 2009 @ 20:16

    Hello! I figured it would be nice if I signed your guestbook. I just thought that I would visit your homepage and see what all you have been up to, well – it’s awesome!

  • Andre Vatke Apr 6, 2009 @ 6:34

    One thing that’s interesting is that as marketers get more desperate they increase the frequency of their messages and the level of hype. Statistics show that in e-mail you will lose your audience (aka readers) if you don’t balance your sales message with actual content. Yet, that’s exactly what even the most visible network marketers do – sending as many as 3 emails a day – every day – all (or at least most) of it sales hype to join something or to download something, etc. So as they get louder, even fewer people listen.

    Simply broadcasting your message misses the most important point – understanding the prospect. Advertising (which is what social networking tactics really are) is important – but once you understand what your prospect wants and how they think you can focus on delivering a solution with credibility and you’ll see much better results. For one thing, you won’t be competing with all the “me too” marketers out there.

    You’ve posted in the past Glenn, about guys like Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg praising people for sponsoring 1 or 2 people out of 500 requests. Using the Leaders Club methods we’re seeing some people sponsor 23 out of 25 (which is outstanding) with an average closer to 15% not 0.5%. The best part is there’s no hype, no big promises, no fanfare – simply a real connection with each prospect.

  • Glenn Dec 7, 2009 @ 20:29

    Glad you think it is awesome, stop by and read more on the site.

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