Are You Cut Out For Network Marketing?

This is a question, I often wondered over the course of the years while talking to many individuals.

Many of them got involved in network marketing for all the wrong reasons!

In the end, many of them ended up being MLM – Network Marketing Junkies looking for the next great opportunity rather then focusing on building a business “their business.”

They where always looking for the hidden secrets to building a huge downline.

Jumping on every viral marketing method out there to get the word out about their business!

Yet they spend most of their time targeting other network marketers.

All of this wasted effort was to get others to abandon their business and join their business.

In many ways the are practicing old school marketing but trying to put a new school method on it as they would claim.

When you first looked into it what was the driving motivation behind your decision in choosing a company?

Was it the lure of all the money you could make, with no work on your part?

Or, did you really believe you where beginning a network marketing business where you are the boss.

What skills did you bring to your business that would ensure your success in your new chosen profession? Where you a successful speaker, coach, internet marketer?

While you really don’t need any of these skills at the present, you do need one trait that is more important then all the rest combined.

What is this one trait? It is the ability to hold yourself accountable for your daily actions.

This is one thing that most of us did not like when our boss did that to us, yet there was a purpose for it.

Recruiting is important, but sales are far more important. Many companies though have you focus more on this one aspect because it will pay you the most.

So it’s no wonder so many have difficulty with this.

When was the last time you went out and acquired a customer for your companies products or service?

When you analyzed your chosen company, was it clear to you just what you would have to do in network marketing to make X amount of dollars? Can you tell a prospect exactly what they would need to do to make 500.00 a month income?

Don’t give them some pipe dream that you’ve not attained or point them to someone who has made millions. Give them realistic goals and expectations!

Right now is shaping up to be what could be some of the best years for network marketing.

As fuel prices continue to drive everything up that we buy, it is making it to the point that a second job is really a losing proposition for millions that count on that income.

If you don’t believe me just calculate it for yourself.

  • It places you in a higher tax bracket.
  • The expenses you’ll incur driving to and from that second job.
  • You’ll get no tax deductions only expenses with a second job.

So now really ask yourself if you are cut out for network marketing, willing to go out and find the customers you’ll need to make a profit.

Or will you continue the same old treadmill of recruit, recruit, recruit, hoping one day that some of it will stick?

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  • spawn Jul 3, 2008 @ 23:00

    hi, i’m spawn from malaysia. is it suitable to apply your information about network marketing in my country. as you know theres too many virus that make people run away when we talk about mlm. they always understand that mlm needs prospecting and sales…

    And the best experience, we always seen company of mlm goes up and down in their performance. this year going up then next year going down. People build up networks then break it as the company go down.

    For your info i’m just sign up for amway distributer, but i just get half info about marketing their doing it. I’m also know about renegade marketing system, but my country people are not fully connectted to internet and it costing.

    How can you help me? is it through marketing concept itself or another info like renegade marketer.

    best regard.


  • Glenn Jul 3, 2008 @ 23:46

    Hi Spawn,

    You must understand that network marketing is about relationships with both your customers and prospective downline members.

    There have been far more people that have been successful without using the internet. In fact those who focus on the internet miss fully 50 percent or more of their potential prospects and closer to 100 percent of their potential customers.

    When marketing you must maintain a balance between online and offline marketing. One of the things you should do is figure out how much income you want realistically, once you know this determine how many customers you would need to achieve this goal.

    Do not count on what your downline will do for you, but what you can do for yourself as it is your business. As for the other system you mentioned, I will not comment on it.

    Both groups claim to teach you how to do internet marketing on the internet, why not learn from the people who really know how to do it? For example:

    Perry Marshall – The Master of Google PPC

    Leadersclub – Network Marketer Training – Online – Offline

    Michael Campbell – Produced one of the best books written Web Sites

    Derek Gehl – Covers Internet Marketing

    Jerry West – Search engine optimization (SEO)

    This is just a small sample of the list of people that have been out there for years teaching internet marketing, pay per click (PPC) and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few of the others that I trust for relative market tested information.

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