Are You Empowering Your Network Marketing Downline?

Yesterday I read one of the dumbest post on network marketing I’ve heard in quite awhile. It read three reasons people fail, while some of it was valid one part I have to disagree with.

Their argument was people fail because they are not using someone else’s marketing system. A marketing system that in reality actually promotes someone else…

…And they want network marketing leaders both large and small to bring them to their system. I’ve met a few of these so called leaders over the years whose only concern was, “how much money can I make off this?”

Ok, this is a business that is driven by profits, yet by taking this action who do you think your downline and prospects are going to be attracted to you or them?

Once they realize that you don’t have the answers, you’ve lost them. Granted no one can have all the answers, marketing is complex and there is truly a lot of garbage out there.

And sadly most of this training is designed to keep individuals dependent versus becoming independent. One of the reasons I stated the blog post I read was one of the dumbest comments I’ve heard.

Each person is responsible for their own success, and with success comes a confidence that cannot be taken away from you.

When you boil it all down you are an independent network marketer and so are your downline members!

Are you going to provide them and yourself with the resources to become truly independent marketers or a system that creates a dependency on someone else?

When you combine knowledge with action, it leads to independence. Which in turn leads to confidence and ultimately success. Isn’t that what you want for both your downline and yourself?

Ask yourself are you a network marketing leader who is empowering your downline or the leader who is setting them up for dependency and ultimate failure?

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