Are You Endangering Your Network Marketing Company?

Early this morning I was sent the link to an article written on Which raises some very interesting questions and still needs further clarification.

So how does this affect us as network marketers? You can read the full article here “FTC Blogging Rules Pose Advertising Risks!”

As I read the article, I had tweetdeck going on the other monitor and watching the constant tweeting of one outlandish statement after another.

You know the ads I’m talking about, creating an endless flow of leads, Get 50 to 300 leads a day on twitter or facebook.

Now I know that the ads are so full of crap it’s not even funny. Yet, that is what people want.

In this article their conclusion was, that corporations that engage in social media marketing should pay careful attention to the new guidance!

…Well you can read it on the article itself!

The part where they talk about their business associates is intriguing. As this leads me to believe that these corporations could also be liable for what their associates are saying!

With this information, how long will it take before network marketing companies totally restrict what you can and cannot do via social sites, twitter and yes even your blog…

…It’s either that or leave the company!

Could it also lead to your promotion of something that comes across as hype, like the leads examples above also get you terminated with that company?

Granted, you are an independent representative with that company. But, you are representing them. Which means you may have to start playing by a whole new set of rules…

…And, just as you where saying “Fire Your Boss, I’ll Show You The Way!”

Personally If I was a company that used any form of hype in my statements and had thousands of mouth pieces out there also spreading this unsubstantiated hype…

…I’d be thinking about closing the doors quickly, as they’ll bypass the shills out there and be coming after me!

Or, I’d be reigning them in just as quickly as I could. But, then without the hype would the product sell?

Fortunately, I’ve been a Leaders Club subscriber and promoter for years and our marketing methods have always steered towards the ethical side of marketing.

So as a parting thought, how will your network marketing efforts look to your company if it does come under review?

After all the world-wide-web is really not that small!

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