Are you ready for a paradigm shift

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately and I am pretty sure that you haven’t.

You have no doubt seen the news that comes out every day, corporations laying people off people by the thousands.

Or they are reducing hours that the employees work. One of the companies that I worked for in the past, started moved towards placing them on a 20 hour work week.

This action only continues to undermine the public’s confidence in the future. It is clearly evident that the economy of the world is driven by consumer confidence.

Everyday something hits the news that makes absolutely no sense except to a politician.

On one hand, we have the federal government demanding higher fuel standards, followed shortly by complaining about a revenue short fall.

Their solution is to impose additional taxes because we’re driving less and we’re using more fuel-efficient cars.

Just recently the state of Nevada launched a new study that they call congestion pricing for drivers.

What they want to do is if you drive during rush hour on heavily traveled “congested” routes.

They want to ensure that you will be paying more in taxes.

While this may make sense for cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles etc. for 99 percent of the country, it makes no sense.

Essentially if this comes to pass you will end up no doubt paying more to earn a living as additional taxation at the state and local levels along with federal suck what’s left in your pocket book out!

It is not just my state that is looking into this, it is also in your state as each government looks at ways to make up for budget shortfalls.

It’s no doubt people want changes, are these the changes you truly want. I could site example after example of wasteful spending.

Money that should have gone into repairing the bridges that collapsed instead of beautification projects.

After all when your driving at 75 miles per hour in traffic do you really have time to look at all the nice plants, murals, and statues?

Everyday the case is made stronger for having a Network Marketing Business or a home business!

A business that you can do out of the comfort of your home, I like my commute from my bedroom to my kitchen for the morning cup of coffee to my home office.

I get to choose the hours that I work, whether I work 14 hours a day, two hours a day, or take a trip at a moments notice to the Grand Canyon all on my schedule!

Today people are finally beginning to take their business seriously as the threat of layoffs loom over their heads.

I hear it everyday in the frustration and at times panic. Just having a business is not enough as it does require a commitment that most in the past have not been willing to commit to.

I received an email today, in the tag line I think this kind of summed up where in reality we are at today.

Your 401k is now a 201k – only worth half of what it was a year ago.

What is really interesting about this statement is the majority of people when approached with network marketing feel it’s a scam, and they don’t want to lose money.

These same individuals would consider there 401k’s safe. I wonder how they really feel today!

If the way companies reacted in 2001 were not enough to get you motivated to come up with a plan B then surely 2008 and the foreseeable future should have you considering it.

But don’t fall for the hype and scams in this industry, believe me there are plenty of them!

People today are no longer reaching for outrageous incomes; they are looking for realistic expectations.

I’m pretty sure most people would be happy today to generate $500 to $1000 extra a month, while building to a full time income.

Change is coming, the question is how will you react to it. Will you procrastinate, complain, or blame some else?

Or will you take charge of your life and your future?

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  • Robert Feb 2, 2009 @ 6:32

    Network marketing has always been a viable option for me but I have found that too many of my recruits are being approached by too many network marketers who do not last in the business. The majority of the network marketers make less than $100 per month in their business with many long unprofitable hours of work. Hopefully with the information that I am gathering I can show them how there can be “exceptions” to that rule.

  • Glenn Feb 2, 2009 @ 9:46


    You’ve hit it right on, most will spend their time chasing rabbit trails instead of focusing on what they have. It is so easy to get off track by trying to implement the all the latest buzz marketing that is being peddled without focusing on the basics.

    If education is the key, then it is the right action that leads to success!

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