Are You A Serial Network Marketer?

What a topic to write about! As I sit here in the mountains of New Mexico watching the snow fall this topic came to mind.

Many individuals involved in this industry fall into this category, yet often we don’t even know that we’ve become this.

Millions of individuals today where relying on 401K plans, company pensions, social security and other forms of income for retirement.

If anything is being proven right today it is that your future is not secure.

Today many individuals believe that all they need is the next hot marketing system, the next e-book or course that will have all the latest secret answers that will guarantee their success in network marketing!

What are some of the indications that you maybe a serial network marketer?

  • Your bookshelf is filled with training and sales courses that you’ve never actually read.
  • Or You may have actually read some or parts of the books, yet never put anything in action.
  • You belong to multiple Network Marketing Companies, yet have little to no downline or customers in any of your companies!
  • You burn through Network Marketing Lead Companies, looking for those magical leads that you know exist out there someplace!
  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars and purchased marketing courses at each one!
  • You’ve spent hundreds of hours in free training programs, only to discover that it was really designed to get you to join someone else’s business opportunity.
  • Do you find it difficult to focus long enough on prospecting, before jumping into the latest fad, guaranteed to explode your business?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above you may already be a serial network marketer. Here is my advice;

Get Out Of Network Marketing Today!

Now you may not like the advice, I’ve given above but I’m only trying to save you, your hard earned cash. The facts are unless you learn how to focus on specific goals, items that will truly move your business forward, you will continue on this path of serial opportunity seeker!

Some marketers will tell you that by having multiple opportunities you are diversifying your portfolio!

Diversification is having holdings in real estate, stocks, a small business, and yes sometimes even having a job! That is diversification!

If you have 2 or more different companies your working with – which one will you lead with? Or will you just dump anything and everything you have on them, in hopes that something sticks?

What Is The Best Way To Guarantee Success In Network Marketing!

That is the million dollar question. When you watch and observer what successful business are currently doing in a down economy you find some surprising trends.

Many of them are returning to old school styles of marketing!

What exactly are they doing? They are returning to style of customer relationships. The are personally connecting with their customers, yeah I know this takes more skill then just blasting emails and hanging out on Facebook or Myspace hoping to become the hunted.

These small business owners are doing the hunting, it’s either that or become one of the statistics of this recession!

Often they’ve had to hire people to come in and reconnect with former customers, this is only smart business sense, why should we be any different?

Their are two things that are essential to your success.

  • A good Network Marketing Company.
  • A good Training and Leads Company.

With the first a good company, there are many out there yet how do you know if any of them are any good? How do you evaluate a company?

These are questions you should have asked before you join a company!

How complicated is their pay plan? Do you know how you will generate your income? Often, these company plans take a major in business economics to understand them.

The Second essential Training and Leads will determine your success in business. Don’t think for a minute that what your company offers is all that you need, to be successful!

After all it’s your business, it is up to you to determine what is in your best interest. I’ve processed 10’s of thousands of requests for information, generally most of them indicate not knowing exactly what needs to be done!

If we are left to our own devices, we’ll chase everything under the sun instead of following sound marketing practices. This is where a good training come in.

Don’t fall for the Free Training, unless you want to continue on the path of the serial network marketer.

If you truly want to become a leader in this industry and inspire people to greatness, it is essential to become a well educated marketer.

There is a lot more to it then just signing people up into your business.

Ah, as I said in the beginning it is wonderful sitting up here in the mountains of New Mexico watching it snow, now it’s time to go out and play!

This is the freedom, this business can give you when it’s done the right way!

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