Are You Still Struggling With Your Network Marketing Company?

Since I actually still talk to people struggling with their network marketing businesses everyday, there are a few things that surface during these discussions.

Since the beginning of this recession, many companies and network marketers have seen a decline revenue coming in.

People are a little more skeptical each day.

Companies have chased each others product lines, jumping on the juice wagon.

For example and ignoring their products that have produced the bulk of their income for years, even decades.

This has led many network marketers to begin to question their companies and up-lines as well. Sometimes rightfully so!

Couple that with advertisements in the past and still out there today designed to capitalize on this and plant seeds of doubt that there is a better way.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a six figure network marketer that has seen a decrease in the organization (downline) size and along with it the income.

The company had great products, and had ventured into the juice wars which the individual felt was not as productive as the core products they offered.

At this point the individual was mulling over switching to a new company and starting over again. It happens I’ve been there before myself.

And, there is nothing wrong with being in more than one company! Just so long as you know how to promote them!

Don’t throw everything at the prospect and hope that something sticks.

Yet, during our conversation we discovered where the changes had really occurred; the benefits the company had to offer.

Just because a company brings out a new product does not really mean you have to drop the other products to promote the new one!

This is where tracking comes into play, something that every successful business does. Companies that we represent will always make changes…

…And we may not like these changes. But, don’t fall pray to the idea that your company and / or up-line are lying to you.

If you’re successful in offline marketing don’t trade it for online marketing until you’ve proven it to yourself that it can be done.

If you are good at working through your warm market, teach those in your organization how to do the same with theirs. Don’t just let them go at it blindly.

Successful marketers combine all aspects today, online, offline, warm market, social media, but they do it all in balanced way. They know how to track and determine where they are successful.

And, if your still struggling with your network marketing company there is help out there today. Just be careful who you choose as many are designed solely to recruit you.

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  • Alan Apr 20, 2010 @ 22:45

    Hi Glenn,
    Great article. You are so right, tracking is essential and you have to teach your organization what works for you. This is my first visit to your site and I will be back.

  • Glenn Apr 21, 2010 @ 8:11

    Hi Alan,

    I believe that is a misconception people have in this industry “Teach them what works for You!”

    The reason I say this is, we all learn at different rates. And, something that works for me will not work for you.

    For example one person I know can generate customers and leads while standing in the checkout line at a grocery store.

    What she does would definitely not work for me and probably not for you but it might work for maybe 5 out of 100 people.

    The one thing that the vast majority can learn is how to effectively prospect, probably one of the toughest things to do since most will quit long before they ever achieve any measurable level of results.

  • Alan Apr 21, 2010 @ 21:05

    Too true! You have to look at and listen to the person you’re working with and what they are capable of.


  • Selbys Oct 11, 2016 @ 3:17

    Totally agree on this, Glenn. It’s all about experimenting and testing out which marketing channel works.

    Some network marketers have a lot of success with SEO but that doesn’t mean all network marketers will too.

    Some network marketers have a lot of success by sending out a lot of direct mails while some don’t.

    It’s all about finding out what works for your business.

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