Are You Wasting Your Time in Network Marketing?

How many of you feel like your spinning your wheels in network marketing  and really getting no where?

So many people today feel exactly this way in their business.

Have you really thought through why you started your network marketing business?

So many of us have looked towards the business to generate enormous amounts of income.

With current events it could just be the salvation that allows you to continue to live in the lifestyle your accustom to.

Today in the NYTimes there is a good article which indicates why more people should be working from home if at all possible.

Fuel Prices Shift Math for Life in Far Suburbs Not only are the high costs of transportation effecting these home owners.

But this coming winter heating oil prices will if you listen to current forecasts be larger then most mortgages.

For years many individuals have worked from home some for companies as an employee.

Today having a home business is really the only way to go. With the tax advantages of being a small business owner portions of your home used as a home office are deductible.

Along with a portion of your heating and electric bills and other services based on a percentage of usage.

It could be that with all the changes to a four day work week more people will explore the option especially as fuel prices continue to increase.

Yet working from home requires dedication on your part, it is too easy to just kick back and relax when you really need to be getting the job done.

We all fall into this trap of laziness, especially when it comes to calling prospects.

My prediction for the next six months is that more people with businesses will be stressing out.

As the come to the realization they should have been doing more with their business over the past few years then they have been.

They could have had the extra income they needed to cover these rising prices.

Every now and then we need a good kick in the pants to wake us up, so will take the action that we should have been taking all along.

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  • Home Business Jun 27, 2008 @ 3:31

    I agree with what you said. Network Marketing is a hot topic today. network marketing is a great source for generate money these days. Thank you for the information. This will for sure make many of the people to start these kind of business.

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