If Only 3% Succeed, What Must
You Know, To Choose The Best
Network Marketing Opportunity?

Everyday, individuals from all walks of life, from average folks like you and me to corporate executives are wading through the multitude of companies trying to find the best network marketing opportunity.

What makes this difficult is, our lack of knowledge…

……to put it simply we cannot know, what we don’t know!

Years ago, I used to believe the right opportunity would be the one that carried products or services I could become passionate about.

If you have been involved with any opportunity, no doubt you’ve been told to get fired up about your products or services. To share it with everyone, with passion, and excitement that will lead to sales!

It is amazing how you viewpoint changes over time…
Once you learn the truth!

I does not matter if you’re passionate about the products or services…
if you cannot make money from the companies pay-plan.

The lack of knowledge sets us up for failure right from the start… without it how will you know when you read material, watch a video, visit a web site, that it is really telling the truth?

The fact is; you just don’t know without educating yourself first!

When I began my journey into network marketing, I made numerous mistakes in choosing a company… I won’t be mentioning names, that wouldn’t be fair to the company!

Like many people today I was lured by a few factors…

The first company was “Free To Join.” There is nothing wrong with this model, there are a few companies that require no up front investment to get started.

Often, this is done to eliminate the barrier to get individuals to join.Yet, if no one orders any products or services, no one generates any residual income!

After sponsoring about 100 people, “it was free.” Four people ordered services I was in the money now!This lasted for about a month!

Then one person quit I missed my quota for the next month, and all of my work rolled up to my upline……talk about feeling like I had just wasted months of time, effort, and money!

The second company I joined required an entry fee to get started. This time I really did my home work “due diligence!”

I research and really studied this network marketing company, went over the pay-plan with a fine tooth comb.I delayed joining, “hey I was burned before,”

I wanted to make sure it was not going to happen again!They had this one of a kind pay-plan with all these pay-points, called business centers……this should have raised a red flag!

Not one person I talked to mentioned attrition!

Over the course of time and due to this attrition I ended up with all these worthless pay-points! Later this company, went on to do something that really let me know I had picked the wrong network marketing opportunity!

One day we found one of our companies products all over the internet, using “As-Seen-On-TV!” They where selling the product for half the price, something the rest of us distributors could not do!

When the corporate office was questioned by many of the distributors about this, they at first denied any knowledge of it.

Only later did they admit it was test to see whether the product would sell for half the price…… I think anyone could figure out that a product would sell at half-price! Needless to say, I didn’t stay with this company, they had destroyed their credibility.

Why am I bringing this up?

To illustrate the point that if left to our own resources, we may end up with the belief that we have choosen the best network marketing opportunity for us…

…only to discover months, to years later that we made the wrong choice!

I’m not saying that the companies, or even our upline lied to us, more often then not everything was explained clearly to us. Yet, since we did not have enough experience, knowledge it just might end up leading us to make a poor choice.

Think back to high school, do you remember meeting with the guidance counselor to help you plan out your future?

A counselor that would look at your background, experience, and assist you in creating your plan…

…someone that was not biased one way or another into your chosen path?

Why doesn’t this exist in Network Marketing…
Or does it?

It actually does exist and for approximately 15 years, they have been providing this guidance to many within the network marketing industry…

…where was this company when I needed it? The fact is, they where there, I just didn’t know about them like so many others.

…where was this company when I needed it? The fact is, I really didn’t know I need them, once again I didn’t know what I don’t know!

Yet, had I known and subscribed to their service, it would have saved me years of wasted effort, and thousands of dollars.

Face it, choosing the best network marketing opportunity cannot and should not be taken lightly, what we need to succeed is…

  • Knowing, the right questions to ask.
  • Knowing, how to evaluate a companies pay-plan.
  • Knowing, who would be my target market for the products or services.
  • Knowing, can I market nationally or only locally.
  • Knowing, exactly how I make money.

These and other questions, never come to mind, because we do not have enough knowledge to ask them let alone experience to guide us into making the correct choice.

We have to face the fact that 97% fail, if you want to cut years from the learning curve, become part of the 3% that does succeed, then you need to partner with the right people.

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  • AbdUllah Apr 9, 2019 @ 8:06

    Very important things which I read today THANK YOU.

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