Buy Network Marketing Leads And You Will Quickly Go Broke

Buying Leads is one of the quickest ways to go broke in network marketing. Even generating them on your own can cause you to go broke.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

How can you go broke by generating your own network marketing leads or by purchasing leads?

Because working with leads is foreign to anything you’ve ever done before. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in sales before or not.

It does not matter how fired-up or motivated you are about your business, face it motivation is kind of over rated.

Yet, motivation is what keep’s us moving forward when times are tough.

One factor which causes businesses to fail is, the inability to connect with people “customers!”

Connecting with people is not easy, even today connecting with those we love is difficult at best.

And if we have a hard time connecting with those we love, how can we ever hope to accomplish this with a complete stranger?

When you purchase a lead or generate one on your own you are beginning a relationship with a total stranger.

They really don’t know you at all, and could careless about what you have to offer! They are just not that into you…

…Today we live in a me first society!

Here is an example where people unknowingly kill a relationship, every year about this time I get emails like the one below from one of my sites contact forms:

Hi Glenn, I am contacting you because I know you are smart and smart people find out what they are saying “no” to before they say no.

We are having huge success with a brand new company. We have top distributors from other companies joining us. Watch our 9 minute video and lets discuss xxxxx xxxx

Now it’s clear that the person who took the time to send this to me is trying to generate a lead and get me to take a look at his or her business right?

Where did they go wrong?

Did they assume, I might be interested in what they have to offer?

Was there anything on my website which gave them the impression that I would even be remotely interested in what they have to offer?

Did they look at the website at all or head straight for the contact form?

It’s quite obvious that they did not. Yet, this ineffective method of marketing isolates them from the one thing people fear the most “That Awful Feeling Of REJECTION!”

With this type of approach It is no wonder that network marketers suffer from a 97% failure rate! Shotgun marketing methods just don’t work!

Why is it that network marketers will go to great lengths to isolate themselves from other people?

Is it because we really feel that We Don’t Have Time to Learn All This Network Marketing S**T?

And this is why buying leads, even generating them yourself will eventually lead you to going broke in network marketing!

The ability to connect with people for some people is a natural gift, but if you’re like me it is a skill that must be learned, and we must change our habits as well!

But, this brings us to another problem how do we turn a cold lead into a hot prospect? How do we acquire these skills without going broke?

The skills which will not only improve our business but every other aspect of our lives as well?

Education and Practice!

I like the phrase “Knowledge is Power!” Yet, it’s clearly understood or at least it should be that “knowledge without action is a complete waste!”

Network Marketing is about connecting with your network, those people within your circle of influence.

Yet, there has been in the past many who refer to this as “Bugging Your Friends and Family!”

I’ll let you in on a little secret, they never really learned how to connect with people and don’t want you to learn as well!

But, to be fair they do have a point. If you don’t know how to connect with family and friends “you’ll just be bugging them!”

Learning how to listen, and I mean really listen to others is the most important skill you’ll ever learn. That is the Law of Attraction Marketing!

It is not how well you can pitch your product or service or write on your website or email campaigns!

If that is all it takes no company would ever need any of us, now would they?

Start by practicing with your significant other, your children etc…

…Stop and really listen to their wants and needs, then be the one to deliver what they want! You’ll find your life is richly rewarded for this action.

And, the practice will go a long way towards you building a successful network marketing business!

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  • Rod Feb 12, 2010 @ 1:16

    Geeze…get your business building strategies out of the stone age! Warm marketing prospecting is the lamest form of marketing there is…it’s one of the reasons for the 97% failure rate in this industry. Build a filtering system, use technology to drive large numbers of prospects to the system, then work with those who contact you. Creating 50 to 200 prospects per day and filtering out those who are not serious is easy to do. Working your warm market is painfully slow and ridiculous marketing.

  • Andre Vatke Feb 12, 2010 @ 9:46

    Rod… it’s easy to say that warm marketing (which as Glenn mentions, has nothing to do with bugging your friends and family) is lame but the stats don’t back that up. In fact, even the 97% failure rate you quote isn’t something you can back up… but I can. Why? Because my company, Leaders Club, actually did the research.

    The TRUTH is that our data shows that 9 out of 10 full time network marketers incorporate some form of warm marketing (retail sales) in their business. In one study we even proved that the average income of full time networkers incorporating retail in their business model was over twice as high as those who didn’t.

    I know it may be more enjoyable to live inside your own delusions but it really doesn’t make your business better. It’s not a choice of warm market or internet as much as it’s knowing who your target market is and staying out of the competitive fray.

    And when it comes to competition in network marketing the internet makes that a reality most traditional business never have to face. To prove my point… do a search on “Attraction Marketing” on YouTube. You’ll find tens of thousands of videos (most with very few views) all saying basically the same thing. That’s an awful lot of pirates to compete with for a prospects attention (much less draw their interest and build desire).

    Take any other strategy you want like PPC or SEO and it’s not as easy as the online guru’s would like you to believe. In fact if any of it were that easy everyone would be doing it and having success. While there are a lot that have and are doing it… 90% of the people in the search I mentioned above have moved on within 6 months of posting their video. This only proves the point that people have not learned how to communicate with prospects… and there’s no grace in mass marketing – second place might as well be last.

    Glenn knows online marketing. In fact he has what most online marketing guru’s claim they can teach you to do. I myself have built profitable sites in more than one industry. What you claim is easy, isn’t. For the handful that are able to do it, they have a hard time duplicating it in their downline – and the last time I checked that was the real strength of network marketing.

    If I were you I would educate myself on what network marketing really is and why these companies pay you. If it’s to mass market for them, then my friend you’ve bought into an unsustainable scam.

  • Glenn Feb 14, 2010 @ 13:55

    Very interesting Rod.

    You talk about building a filtering system, yet when you submitted your comment it appears you don’t even have a website at all.

    So where it your filtering system, and come on tell the truth, you’ve been indoctrinated into the hype that you can create 50 to 200 prospects per day.

    Where is the proof? You surely cannot show it nor can anyone else making those claims. But, it sure looks good in an ad doesn’t it!

    By filtering do you also mean finding only those that are gullible enough to buy into the scam that many are peddling these days?

    Of course then, you would need hundreds if not thousands of prospect, people are just not that stupid anymore.

  • Jonathan May 3, 2012 @ 8:29

    I really like what you have stated Andre Vatke and Glenn Burke, particularly with Glenn because although I am just starting out with this network marketing business.

    It is true that people are not stupid because a wise man once told me you might be able to fool some people, but you can’t fool everybody. With so many scams, competition and hidden truth to pick pocket people for quick cash out there it is really hard to know who are the real deal and who are the cons especially if your new like me.

    i haven’t taken any steps yet, mainly because i am still reading from a lot of sources but so far you stand out more from all those other marketers that are basically saying the same thing. i have book marked your website because i like to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. so its a good thing i hope.

    i don’t know it all just by reading a few articles here or there, but i am willing to learn more i prefer other forms of contact but i am based in th U.K and your in the U.S so i don’t even know if this is possible or how this would work, because i like a lot of the information you have put on your website so i am really keen to learn more.