Calling Your Own Shots In Network Marketing!

Everyone comes into network marketing with grand ideas and really wanting to work towards the ability to call their own shots in life.

I myself could not wait for that day to begin to finally be able to move into my business full time.

Yet, there was always that little twinge of apprehension in the background.

That comes from years of working for someone else.  That action will paralyze us with fear of not having that security blanket we affectionately call a JOB.

One of the items to include on your checklist as you move towards the full time category of being fully self-employed is your health insurance.

This reason alone keeps so many of us tied to a job we hate.

You’ll need to review your finances before you decide to pull the plug. One of the pitfalls is when you are working your business while maintaining a full time job.  is that there will be an income drop that you’ve grown accustomed to.

It will be more important now, that you can still maintain your marketing budget, both to sustain your business and to continue to grow your source of income.

Talk things over with your spouse, make sure they are comfortable with your move into semi-retirement.

Money issues with your spouse are not something you want as you move into the life style you’ve always dreamed of.

Finally, plan some well-deserved time off, take a vacation with that special someone.

Recharge your batteries for a few weeks it will do wonders for your business.

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