Can You Blog Your Way To Network Marketing Success?

With millions of blogs out there, and more on the way everyday can you really blog your way to network marketing success?

I’m sure we all wish it was that easy! The sad truth is the internet is littered with abandoned websites and blogs.

With a static website, it is difficult to tell that it has been abandoned. But, when it comes to a blog it is clearly obvious to even the most casual observer that it has been abandoned.

I really encourage people to get a website and make a long term commitment to work on it. With the blogging software available today, WordPress, Drupal, Insitecreation etc…

There really is no excuse for not having and writing about what you’re passionate about…

…But, just like building your network marketing business a lack of activity or blogging will yield equally poor results.

What can you do to generate a little success with your network marketing blog?

Depending on what blogging platform you intend to use choose a good template. It may mean that you have to spend a few dollars for it, but if you’re serious about building a business on the internet…

…That’s the price you’ll have to pay! For WordPress, I recommend the theme Thesis. In purchasing a template, I recommend you go for the developers option.

While it is a little more expensive, it gives you the options to remove the footer attribution and, generally use on multiple blogs that you own.

Once you’ve chosen your platform and template…

Know you subject, and never try to force your writing! We all know that when we try to force anything it generally does not turn out well.

And, contrary to popular belief your writing skills do not have to be perfect. So don’t be alarmed when someone stops by your site, then contacts you to criticize your writing.

It’s usually someone looking for a writing job, who is frustrated, or another network marketer that is pissed off cause your posts and site out rank theirs.

I cannot emphasize enough to know the subject you’re writing about, do some research before you write! I was surprised the other day when I read a blog post about where did the 97% failure rate in network marketing come from.

Sounds like a great subject, and while there are now quite a few blog posts, ezine articles written about it, I know that none of them even bothered to do any research.

Had they searched Google they would have found a post I had written which covered this early in 2008, which had actually come from a study done in 1996.

In essence they had simply regurgitated the myths that others where propagating…

…And, therefore making themselves unattractive in the process.

Create Unique Network Marketing Content That Is Your Own…

If you want to be attractive to others, it is essential that you create unique content. It really does not matter if the subject has been written about thousands of times before…

Many network marketing bloggers fall into the trap of recycling articles that where written by someone else, it happens to all of us!

Now many will disagree with this next statement…

…Don’t fret over keywords, they’re just not that important! Or at least they are not as important as you’ve been led to believe!

Now why would I say that? If you know your subject, write from what you know, you’ll supply the necessary keywords and phrases to support the blog post.

Blogging should be you having fun and sharing what you know with others, never just writing for the search engines.

And finally, keep it focused…

…You’ll have more fun and just might begin to enjoy some success.

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  • Jason Dec 14, 2009 @ 22:47

    Thanks for sharing your views with all of us. This is great information. I’m forwarding it to my address book and hope that my address book forwards it as well.

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