Can You Build A Residual Income for Ten Dollars A Month?

When, I sat down to write this blog post today, my first thought was to title it “What Truck Drivers Should be doing, but their not!”

When we talk about network marketing, we talk about the freedom it can bring. How it can allow us to work anywhere we have cell phone coverage and / or internet access.

For, as long as I can remember going back to my childhood I can remember my dad “who is a retired truck driver” talk about the freight slow down.

Later in life living in different parts of the country we would talk about the number of trucks I would see on the highway as I traveled around.

Today, I follow the industry closely. I don’t follow the traditional news sources for my information; I follow the comments of the truckers.

As the economy slows down, they end up sitting and waiting for loads to come along.

Their level of complaining goes up, what we all do when things are not going in the direction we hoped they would.

And my though turns to “What they could be doing, but many are not!” Which brings me to write this post today!

I can remember my dad telling me just how lonely it could be when you’re miles away from home.

Everyday you’re watching life seemly passing you by as you drive down the highway.

Yet, today we are one of the most connected societies imaginable and it only gets better every year!

With Cell phones and wireless card for out laptops and with 3g and 4g access, we can work an internet business from anywhere!

So can you really begin to build a residual income beginning at only $10 a month?

The answer to that question is yes!

It does not matter what business you’re in today. And, it doesn’t matter if it is a traditional business, you know the little mom & pop shop, a home business or even a large scale business with 10’s of thousands of employees.

Each of them needs an internet presence, that is just the society we live in today. If we are going to have a web presence, why not also have that work towards our advantage an provide an additional stream of income?

So How Can You start and Build A Business For $10 a Month?

Get started with GDI.

What is GDI? Global Domains International is a business opportunity, and web hosting all rolled into one. What is the product, Website hosting that cost ten dollars a month?

Sure there are cheaper to free hosting packages available but can they generate a residual income for you? An income that keeps paying you back month after month, for something that you’ll need anyway!

So how does this tie back into truck drivers? Quite a few truck drivers already have blogs most of them hosted and blogger.

On these blogs they are already chronicling their lives on the road and many of them are quite informative. By adding GDI to the mix you can create a wonderful static web site interlinked to your blog.

Most will not understand the power in that, and thats ok. Some would consider it one of those secrets to search engine rankings. The difference between getting found or just one of the billions of web pages out there.

Here is a short 4 minute video that tells you all about it. Then you can make the decision is this something that can help shape your financial future?

And, who knows you could be on your way to building a residual income that lasts a lifetime!

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  • Glenn Feb 9, 2010 @ 11:06

    Hi Valentina,

    You’re quite right, it’s never a race.

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