Can Your Network Marketing Plan Be Duplicated?

Given time almost everything in network marketing can be learned. Still, many tasks we have to do are not easily duplicated by our downline.

Marketing today has become very complicated as we continue to explore ways to grow your businesses.

Years ago all you had to do was talk to enough people.

Today, we have way to many methods available to reach out to potential downline members and customers.

You’ve heard the phrase “The Jack of All Trades, The Master of None!”

This is exactly what a vast majority of network marketers are trying to do today.

Trying to explore so many aspects marketing, but have never become proficient in the basics of prospecting.

The acronym FOCUS still applies today more than ever.

F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Successful

Yet, our human nature drives us to move in parallel paths. Due to this nature we never really become proficient at any one item, and only slightly proficient in a multitude of tasks.

The most important skill you’ll ever learn in network marketing is how to prospect.

But, as we all know most companies really do not have the skills nor the background to adequately teach one how to do it.

This has given rise to a multitude of courses on the subject. Even with all these courses available it still lacks one important ingredient…

…The coaching to effectively work leads, whether you’ve generated them or you’ve purchased them.

There is only one company I’ve found over the years that can and does that effectively.

One who has taught many of those who now write e-books and courses on the subject…

…Yet, they cannot duplicate one important ingredient. The Individualized Success Plan.

We can all read a book, yet without the proper guidance and feed back our results will be vastly different.

Which leads us back to the title of this post, Can Your Network Marketing Plan Be Duplicated?

In most cases it cannot, due to the fact we all learn at different rates and have different backgrounds.

Yet, we can all learn how to become more effective communicators and that is something that we all can and should duplicate.

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