Choosing A Good Template For Your Network Marketing Site

Choosing a good template for you website can be a challenge, yet they do exist. When I was looking for a template, one that I could take and adapt not only for the blog but also the rest of the site I stumbled upon this series of themes called Revolution.

The theme’s themselves are very professionally done and really help bring WordPress into the forefront of Content Management Systems. With a little work you can make your network marketing site look truly unique and different from everyone elses site.

Getting used to the template and how to work with it to get the desired results of course takes a little effort but Brian did a wonderful job of detailing within the code where to manipulate the templates settings.

When you couple this with the forum, they have setup and all the moderators willing to answer so many of your questions helping you to solve the various issues you may come up with, it becomes a win – win situation.

Currently there are nine different themes to choose from:

  • Revolution
  • Revolution News
  • Revolution Magazine
  • Revolution Real Estate
  • Revolution Pro Business
  • Revolution Sports
  • Revolution Tech
  • Revolution City as the newest.

From all the theme’s I’ve looked at these had the most value for the price, especially when you couple that with the lifetime updates. Personally I took the Developers pack giving me eight different themes now nine that I could use as many times as I wanted.

Then the question arises in building your network marketing business do you really have time for nine different blogs? More then likely not! Still it gives me the freedom to change the look and feel in short order if I desire.

Even my wife loved the new site I built for her to play with Cloez’s Corner it gives you an example of what can be done along with this site which uses the Revolution Magazine them through out the site, blog and forum.

Wow how quickly things change, my wife’s site now uses the theme Thesis vs the Revolution Magazine theme.

If your looking for a high quality theme for your home business or personal blog you can’t go wrong with one of Brian’s Revolution theme’s.

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