Collateral Marketing What Is It?

This is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects in your network marketing business today. The proper implementation and use of collateral marketing is essential to your success.

Today, network marketers should be using this yet, they’re not. And when they do use it, they don’t use it effectively.

If you believe that you are sharing, not selling. Then this page and quite possibly this web site are not for you!

If you are ready to learn what it takes to become a skilled marketer then maybe we can help you!

When I first got started in network marketing, I saw this as more of an expense then an actual benefit to my business.

My first company had this video cassette that was supposed to revolutionize our business. We where told all we had to do was just pop this videocassette into the VCR have people sit down and watch it.

It wasn’t until much later that I learned just what collateral marketing was and how to effectively implement this into my business marketing plan.

After spending several thousand dollars on ineffective marketing I decided it was time that I’d better learn about the subject.

Marketing Collateral Pieces include but are not limited to:

  • Business Cards
  • CD’s
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Pamphlets / Brochures
  • Reports

The most important thing you need to understand in marketing collateral information is, it must be targeted and focused on a specific audience. If it is not, it will have no appeal to your prospect or potential customer.

Why should this be important? Most, but not all of your companies’ promotional material is generally about the products / services being offered by your network marketing company. This is great for gathering customers, how we implement and target it is the key.

You will need to focus your advertisements with laser like precision. For example you have this great nutritional product. Just where and who, are the people looking for these products do you know? Providing them information in the same material that also points out your business opportunity is just wrong, it takes the focus off the product or service you are trying to sell.

Where do people look for a business opportunity?

If you believe it’s in the same place you’ve got it all wrong. Yet this is the approach taught by so many companies today. So you have this dilemma, to lead with the product or the opportunity. What is it that the prospect wants, what ad did they respond to?

How can you implement collateral marketing into your business model?

First take a look at your companies’ web site, if you send someone there can they request a specific report, CD, DVD, audio cassette etc… If its not there, you need to produce your very own web site, or seek out a source that provides these network marketing lead generation services.

Should you send a physical collateral marketing piece or a free online report?

This is one of the objections I get from people all the time, so few people are willing to invest into their business. The majority that does get started with a business are never told that they have to have a marketing budget to be successful. While network marketing is a word of mouth type business, it still requires a budget to reach out to potential customers and prospects.

It’s my opinion that if you’re not using a physical collateral marketing piece you might as well stop and here is why. I prefer CD’s, DVD’s and Audio Cassettes. This is something tangible that they can hold in their hands along with a brochure it makes a powerful combination.

Why physical and not an online report. I’ve spent hundreds of hour’s online coaching people on being more effective in their business by setting up the proper tools you need in place before you implement collateral marketing. Most of the desktops I look at are so cluttered your report is almost sure to blend into the background and they are so easy to hit the delete key.

Even when we send a brochure with our CD’s, DVD’s, Audio Cassette’s, the collateral marketing brochure maybe thrown away. People tend to hang onto CD’s, DVD’s and Audio Cassette’s for quite awhile. If your name and phone number are imprinted on these it maybe a year or more, the timing is now right and they play this information again, you get a phone call.

If your serious about your network marketing business, you need to invest in your business. You need to invest in your customers and your prospects.

I’ve seen people take the wrong approach with this type of marketing. The get a list of names and send off these marketing pieces without them ever requesting anything. This is not the proper way to implement this and is a very fast way to drain your bank account and marketing budget.

This is part of a sales process; you need to guide them there to request this information, this could be online or offline marketing. If you’re talking with a prospect and they say just send me the information “DON’T DO IT” send them to your site to request it.

The prospect must become part of the sales process, and they do this by taking the necessary action in requesting your collateral marketing information. If they are not willing too, or don’t do it, you’ve just answered a very important question.

One final thought, if your skill levels are not good, you need to improve this through network marketing training. There are so many courses online today that offer to teach you how to have prospects calling you. You are going to have to advertise to generate these prospects. If your skill level is low you conversion ratio is also going to be very low to non-existent. You’ll just be throwing money down the drain.

Get an education in marketing and sales, you’ll enjoy greater success.

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