Communication: A Strong Foundation For Growth.

When building a business, a strong foundation is vitally important. Technology out there can be completely over whelming. This technology is most often not understood by most uplines so how can we expect our new members to understand it.

I myself have struggled with technology in building a strong foundation. Most of this built through trial and error. We constantly need to find ways to maximize our time some of us more then others.

The important thing is; that it does take time to build a strong foundation. If we are not implementing the right tools while we are building our organization it will all come crumbling down.

I bring this up because most of the individuals I’ve worked with are computer challenged. They do not understand the basics of working with a computer, the simple stuff like how to create a folder in My Documents.

This lack of skills in this area leads to a totally disorganized individual. A good training session teaching them how to become better organized will go a long way towards making them a more productive individual.

Some people use Instant messenger “Windows” , “Google Talk” or “Yahoo Messenger to prospect with or stay in touch with a hot prospect. They may also use it as I do to communicate with my team; they have priority over anyone else!

Before using any form of messenger service there are some important things to remember. Learn how to use the features built into the system, like setting it to ”On The Phone“ or ”Busy“ so you are not interrupted while your working.

I advise my downline if you have a question leave a message and eventually I will get it answered for you, if I don’t respond right away do not get discouraged.

It’s so tough to run a home business that deals with network marketing and getting emails to our downline. With the email systems filtering becoming more stringent today, I know my message or answer got there.

Building a strong communications channel will help you grow your business! It is so vitally important to remember that Network Marketing is a relationship business and not just built on systems!

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