Create Your Own System For Success

When it comes to generating your own leads, there are many systems out there. This is where the hypocrisy comes in; they tell you that the best way to generate leads online is with your own system.

In the next paragraph they tell you all about using their marketing material and system to generate your very own network marketing leads. This maybe ok for a while until you understand how to do it.

Just using it for recruiting, leads to your portrayal of a pyramid scheme. It’s no wonder your friends and family are not interested in both your opportunity or products. Setting up your own system is not difficult at all; it does require effort on your part.

What’s Required

With a website or blog, we have to know some basic SEO Skills. Yet, most of it is not what you think, there are really no secrets. It is just that you don’t know what they are, so if that makes it a secret then maybe it is.

Your best resource for SEO actually comes from the search engines themselves, they explain exactly what they want to see from your site. They want you to write for your visitor, that means you do need to have an understanding of what you will be writing about; you cannot just wing it!

Take a look at your site, do the graphics etc… optimized for the web? Or does it take 2 minutes on a dial-up modem to download the pages? Just simple stuff yet it can be found by doing a search, some research into who is giving you the right information and what is B.S.

Marketing Material, is where most fail. The material must match the site, it makes a tremendous difference in conversion rates. Many companies do have collateral marketing pieces “free reports” that you can use.

What if your company does not have material or even allow you to promote them online can you still do it? Yes you can there are companies that create material or you can write your own report to use.

To create good follow-up e-mail campaigns, takes a little more skill, yet it can be done. First you will need a good auto-responder system. There are many of them to choose from, more important, is that the leads you do create that list is yours. Hard to say that if you are using someone else’s system.

Finally you’ll need the skills to make it all works seamlessly together. If you’ve ever read the book The Business School the reason to do network marketing is for the education process. With the right skill set, you can do just about anything you want when it comes to marketing, without being a follower. Avoid the scams and become your own Master Today!

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  • John Michael Cannon May 8, 2009 @ 20:48

    Hey Glenn,

    I like this post, especially your 4 bullet points on “What’s Required”. It takes the mess in my head and put’s it in manageable categories.

  • Glenn May 8, 2009 @ 21:42

    Hi John,

    Keeping it simple is always the best policy.

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