Decrease Your Network Marketing Landing Page Load Time

As websites become more sophisticated, bloat becomes a major problem. Yet there are many cures that we can implement to take care of this problem.

Graphics, css files, javascript all add up to make your landing pages load slower and slower.

So what is the answer to finding these offending files and why would you want to track them down in the first place?

Back in March, I wrote a post about how landing page load times where going to begin take more money out of your pocket.

What was the driving force behind these changes? Today I believe these changes that they implemented really had to do more with not only giving the visitor better load times resulting in better user experience.

This action would also reduce the overall energy consumption for everyone involved.

It is amazing what can be accomplished and seeing the differences a few simple modifications can make.

The Yahoo Developers Group really has helped in this respect with their Best Practices For Speeding Up Your Web Site.

Now to really make this effective you must have the Firefox Web browser in order to get started.

With the Firefox web browser we have access to a wide range of plugins, covering just about everything imaginable to make your web browsing better.

What we are concerned with are the plugins that will help us to reduce the load times for our network marketing landing pages.

The plugin we want is called Yslow, what it does is analyzes your web pages and tells you why they’re slow based on Yahoo’s rules for high performance web sites. Now this is exactly what we want.

Yahoo! has 13 basic “rules” of “front end performance” and there is even a book “High Performance Web Sites” over at which discusses each of the 13 rules below.

  1. Make Fewer HTTP Requests
  2. Use a Content Delivery Network
  3. Add an Expires Header
  4. Gzip Components
  5. Put CSS at the Top
  6. Move Scripts to the Bottom
  7. Avoid CSS Expressions
  8. Make JavaScript and CSS External
  9. Reduce DNS Lookups
  10. Minify JavaScript
  11. Avoid Redirects
  12. Remove Duplicate Scripts
  13. Configure ETags

It should be noted that the majority of these 13 steps maybe beyond the skills of most network marketers.

But running Yslow will tell you what is wrong and what you need to do in order to correct it.

After applying many of these rules here, the score for is now a “A” or 90.

The Blog on the other hand ranks in there at 87 for a “B” rating, the drop comes from the Calendar plugin and it’s javascript not being gzipped.

Yet I really don’t think your going to have a calendar on your landing page!

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