Tip 2 – Do You Have To Be A Marketing Expert To Succeed In Network Marketing?

Hi welcome to number two in our series in tip number one I talked about why a network marketing company would pay you.

This week I want to address the question I most often get in response to that revelation. And that is do I have to be a marketing expert in order to make my business work.

Well in short no, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. If you look at the courses on building a network marketing business that have come out in recent years.

Or you listen to all the chatter that’s out there you might believe that you have to learn how to run a website.

How to build a website. How to do search marketing, site optimization, social marketing, run PPC ads and more to be truly successful.

And sadly in some way I’m guilty of contributing to this myself.  I’m on record in my publications and courses for saying that marketing is a skill and its vital for your success.

And it is, but the devil is in the details. The reality is that network marketing has changed an awful lot in the Internet age.

And I’ve watched businesses boom and bust almost overnight as a result of this revolution in communication.

It’s easier than ever to get your message out

…But it’s also easier than ever to make mistakes, step on the gas to spend a lot of time and money before you realized that you’ve blown your tires but your still in the parking lot.

Which gets us to the basic fundamental fallacy of needing to be a direct marketing expert in order to build a network marketing business.

The power of network marketing as we mentioned in Tip one is in relationships and genuine human connections.

But if we stop there were not really capitalizing on what makes network marketing, network marketing.

Which is duplication, without duplication in your business you have a sales business at best.

And it may be a good sales business, and you may like doing it, but it’s not network marketing.

You have to be an expert at more than just marketing to get rich this way. Yet with duplication you can take what would otherwise be viewed as modest or even insignificant sales exponentially multiply them to something extraordinary.

But to get true duplication

…you need a system and an education process that’s simple enough to learn quickly.

One that lets you learn and earn as you grow and without stepping on each other’s toes by competing in the same venues for clicks and responses.

This is where being a direct marketing expert starts to break down for network marketing.

At least when everyone thinks that that’s what they need to do to be successful.

Here is what I mean in order to be successful in direct marketing you not only have to be able to creatively apply consumer psychology, to use triggers and motivating factors to connect with the prospects primary want.

You have to be able to test your ads and your approaches and find the right mix.

You have to continually test not just to look for improvements but to adapt to changes in the economy to politics in your competitors.

While you might be able to learn those concepts and the theory from a course or even a mentor.

It’s not something that can be done without a significant budget and the patience  to stick with it, while you test.

Which is my biggest issue

…with making direct marketing such a big component of network marketing or of an organization for success.

Most people don’t have time. They don’t have the budget to make this a duplicatable option.

Not to mention that there’s a limited venue for advertising. There is a limited venue for promoting your offer.

So if you did duplicate you would quickly be competing with others in your same company, in your downline, in your upline.

Everyone will be spending a lot of time effort and money reinventing the wheel which makes sense if you’ve created your own exclusive product, but not if your distributor for network marketing company.

The good news is that

…you don’t need to focus on being a direct marketer to make network marketing work.

When you focus on learning how to connect with prospects both cold and warm. 

When you focus on building relationships and solving problems. You learn some of the most essential elements of direct marketing in the process.

Why because creating successful relationships has a lot to do with understanding how people think.

At Leaders Club we focus on teaching marketers how to ask the right questions.

The kind of questions that allow prospects to relax and reveal their true motivation.

Yeah we teach about benefits and triggers and we even talk about how to build websites and use email and follow-up those are important.

But nothing teaches you how to be a better network marketer than personal contact and interaction, and that’s 100% duplicatable for anyone that actually wants to do it.

Published with permission from my dear old friend Andre Vatke (President LeadersClub)

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at Network-Marketing-Works.com

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