Do You Really Pay Attention To Your Target Market.

One of the things I’ve come to learn over the course of the years is how to identify who my market really is.

Today I was doing online research with one of the companies I particularly like in doing this research I found individual advertisers, other network marketers that are advertising   secrets that promise to explode your business.

What is really kind of humorous is that they really did not do enough research about the company they where advertising against to figure out if what they had to offer was even a fit for them.

Another interesting fact about these marketers, is there using a system that’s been around for a while with replicated landing pages. But, they’ve taken this a little bit farther they’ve now made it to where each of the pages in this is almost like a little micro-site.

While this may seem like a great idea to get past the Google slab for advertisers, trust me to knows what you’re doing. They will eventually, get you figured out, and then they’ll shut you down.

Anyway back to this company like many good network marketing companies it does not pay you for recruiting, they only pay you for customer sales. This company is actually a door-to-door, warm market type of company.

Okay I know what you’re probably thinking; I don’t want to talk to my warm market. All of the gurus out there tell me that’s the fastest way to kill my business. That may be so if your business is solely focused on recruiting.

Good prospecting skills will help you in the growth of any business.  As you learn to identify and focus on the wants and needs of your potential customers.  We have to face facts, the face of network marketing is changing and will continue to change.

Individuals who focus solely on recruiting as a means of growing their business, will eventually find that as company may be shut down as it may be seen as a pyramid scheme.

With the current economy, what it is people are becoming more skeptical each and every day. Your potential customers are not buying into the hype that marketing is out there producing today.

So the real question is are you to step up to the plate and learn to become an effective marketer, or will you watch your business fail.

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