Effective Followup With Your
Customers and Downline

to what could be one of the most important pages of your Network Marketing Career! Yet it is one of the least understood aspects of any business.

How Difficult was it to get that First Customer or Downline Member?

If Customer / downline retention is not one of your highest priorities, well then  you might as well quit today!

Communications with our customers and downline should be easy. Yet the majority of us work a full time job, sometimes two jobs just to make ends meet.

This leaves very little time for proper followup and follow through.

Tools and system’s can help, yet they cannot be relied on totally to get the job done. One of the biggest obstacles I see to your network marketing success today is relying on these methods.

With E-mail communications what it is today, messages we want our customers or prospects to receive, end up in the bulk/junk mail folder, how effective is that?

Several years ago I purchased a new truck. A few weeks later I received a calendar from the dealership which had “A picture of the truck, my wife and I.

The dealership followed up with me for about 2 years. Every few months I would receive a card – postcard thanking me for my business.

After awhile the cards stopped coming. I still remember that particular dealership and I will go back there when I am ready for my next new truck.

As a marketing consultant, my thoughts turned to why they would stop:

  • A change of the sales manager? – this is one possibility.
  • They simply didn’t care anymore? – Why would they stop caring about a previous customer this does would not make sense would it.
  • Their Advertising budge was cut? – This could be a strong possibility.
  • The did not find it effective? – This one is another strong possibility, yet one that I would discount completely.

So what is it that makes me remember that particular dealership?

It’s quite simple really; I drive that truck almost daily, the dealerships logo is on the tailgate. Since I like the truck, the fair deal I received along with the followup, they still come to my mind first when I think of looking at new vehicles.

The question you need to ask yourself is do your customers even remember you?

If you are not following up with your customers then how do you expect them to remember you? Acquiring a new customer requires us to expend time, energy and money.

When was the last time you sent your customers a card or picked up the phone and called to thank them for doing business with you?

True success in your network marketing business will occur when you build strong relationships with both your customers and downline!

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