Essential Network Marketing Tools for Your Business in 2018

Welcome, Glenn here at When it comes right down to it, what essential network marketing tools do you really need in your toolbox to be successful today?

Over time everything changes! Your marketing methods either change, and you change with them as well or you get left behind.

Network marketing tools can range from the most simplistic methods to the most complex. The primary objective is to find a happy medium somewhere in the middle that does not break the bank.

Today the Immutable laws of  Network Marketing no longer apply!

Once you’ve exhausted your warm market what’s left? Do you move over to Facebook, Twitter, where you have zero trust, and no credibility.

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Big time leaders promote those places so you’ll bring your small downline to them. It’s like leading sheep to the slaugter.

Thus, you will need to generate your own network marketing leads or you’ll have to purchase your network marketing leads. There are pros and cons to both sides of those marketing methods.

The laws of network marketing no longer apply as well as the tool selection today!

I have left both the old and the new network marketing tool selection here on my website for a comparison.

Always remember, the most powerful tool of all is your mind! As a network marketer you will need a well-rounded training program that covers all aspects of marketing. This will give you a definite competitive advantage over others!

Did you ever connect the dots… “Become the hunted, not the hunter!” They counted on that you where much easer to control that way.

As Network Markers we are always trying to put the Cart Before the Horse so to speak.

We want to run before we can even walk. We want to generate leads, get people to sign up for our program, yet we have not even built a proper foundation.

Then we are left wondering why we’re struggling and our downline is quitting. Laying a proper foundation will set you up for success, now and in the future.

In the past I recommended the following essential network marketing tools.

Email System – That was Windows XP and Outlook Express I’ve even got a training series on my website for them. Both XP and Outlook Express are or should be extinct by now.

A Contact Management Program – Act 2004 and Act 2005 and of course I’ve got another training series here on my website that covered those programs as well.

Autoresponder System – Back then I recommended Aweber, Constant Contact and still do if money is no object. But, both of those systems will bust your marketing budget quickly and they don’t let you upload leads that you didn’t generate!

Website’s – When you have your own web site which I do encourage you to do, not from its marketing potential, more for your personal development in network marketing.

But now I’m going to let you in on another dirty little secret “It’s not duplicatable!”

Building a high-quality website to attract prospects requires you become a subject matter expert. You cannot do what others teach, “Fake it Until you Make it” when it comes to material for your web sites.

Now I’m going to give you the second little secret. 95% of all traffic to a network marketing website is not people looking for a network marketing business!  It is other network marketers desperately looking for a way to succeed.

In the past I  spent what seemed like a fortune for all the required network marketing tools. The costs added up quickly.  More important though was the time, the learning curve it required just to accomplish anything.

Your cost for Network Marketing Tools today.

Website – Domain name – Hosting Todays costs and range anywhere from free you get what you pay for to several hundred dollars per month. Godaddy charges you 14.99 a year just to renew your domain name.

If you want to get it ranked you can forget the free and the low-cost websites and hosting. And You are going to need SSL certificates. What if you want to join the Youtube craze?

  • Domain name 14.99 a year
  • Hosting 16.99 a month
  • SSL certificate 80.00 or dollars a year.
  • Aweber or Constant Contact – Starts at $20.00 a month and up.
  • Someone to design landing pages for you? 2K to 5K
  • Camera + lighting to produce quality Youtube video’s 5k -6k
  • Software for video’s $200 to $600 per year?

It all adds up quickly, its a constant drain on your pocket book while you are waiting to grow your business. And the real kicker is you will have to work each and everyday for a few years before you see any meaningful results.

Meanwhile you’ll have dozens of scrapers hijacking your material and using it as their own. I know I’ve been there and it still happens today!

Stay tuned for the post

2018 and Today’s Network Marketing Tools.

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