Even in hard times some products sell!

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to spend 4 days at the Las Vegas BikeFest an annual event, working with Glenn Hood and Mark Hood with the company Big Ear Inc.

They are a quasi – network marketing company. Over all it was a great experience, with some great lessons learned along with some great observations. I also received my certification during the event.

Today’s economy makes it tough for any business, yet many are doing well quite well.

It is what separates the companies or individuals that are doing well from those that are struggling.

This year attendance, was down from last year, yet if you factor in the decrease in potential customers at this show they actually came out ahead versus last years sales.

There actually was a network marketing company represented there that based on my observations could not have even covered the costs of being there.

They did not even bother to show up on the last day except to take down their booth.

One of the stark differences was the group that did nothing. They sat in the back of their booth reading and listening to music, while waiting for customers to come to them.

I guess the where practicing the “Become the hunted, instead of the hunter.”

I have to confess, what I learned in this trade show environment was invaluable. Glenn and Mark made it a point to make their sales process both serious and entertaining simultaneously.

What I thought was extremely important was when previous customers would walk by, stop and talk to the people looking at their products.

Every one of the of them would state how much they loved them, and how skeptical they where in the beginning.

You just cannot buy that kind of advertising, it just goes to prove how word of mouth is without a doubt the most powerful method of marketing any product or service.

It is also important to remember just how quickly that word of mouth could turn against you or your company!

I know that many of you that will read this, have absolutely no interest in participating in trade show or any other venues that could generate customers for your business and there are many good reasons for it.

The upfront costs for a popular event often are just to costly for many of us. Yet, if you look in your local communities you may find low cost alternatives to get the word out about your companies products.

Still, even more of us, will be far to afraid to step out in front of a public audience, it pushes us beyond our comfort zone.

Then again you never know until you try!

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  • MBOLE WILLIAM AZISE Dec 2, 2008 @ 5:44

    I am a student in government technical high school Cameroon Kumba.Offering marketing business management as a series.There are two things to consider before success cames in life, that is THE WILLINGNESS TO LEARN, and THE ABILITY TO TAKE ACTION. You where willing to learn and the ability for action was there that is why you had a certificate at the end.From the above you said some people may not be interested with the even, I want to tell you as a marketer that i am interested not only for that but for many others like helping companies to grow ,by selling them ideals ,advertisments ,make inbound and outbound for them. To help them gain customers and maximise profit.Presently i am working to assist orange I have already came out with a proposed service to help them as seen above, but they dont yet know me because i have not told them, and these will be during the nation and world cup. your ideals count alot. you did well in the even, may God continue to bless you as we share ideals both morally, educationaly finacially, etc.Thanks for understanding. Yours sincerely.

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