Is Everyone A Network Marketing Consultant?

Everywhere I look today, I see individuals in network marketing that are being taught to call themselves a consultant. Why do they do it?

One of my former downline members who now calls himself a consult was terminated for plagerism of the companies training material.

I guess he thought, taking articles written by someone else, attaching his name to them, posting them all over the internet qualified him as a network marketing consultant.

I was listening to the news today, they where talking about how the government is proposing licensing of tax preparers.

While this maybe nothing more then another tax revenue base, it should make people feel a little more at ease, if they require some kind of training. But, in network marketing it seems anyone can call themselves what every they want, with no repercussions.

The individual in question, I know very well, I also know he always had an ulterior motive in just about everything he did. Whether this type of behavior is right or wrong, that is for you to decide, let your conscious be the guide.

At least he does not call himself a certified network marketing consultant.

If we look-up consultant in the dictionary it refers to: A person who provides expert advice professionally.

Paying people to write about you, does not qualify you as an expert either, it comes from actions and demonstrated knowledge.

If a network marketing consultant tells you that you can’t build a business by buying network marketing leads, it just proves they are not expert!

What they are really saying to you is I can’t do it, and I don’t want you to surpass my in skill level.

So anytime you see someone calling themselves a network marketing consultant take it for what it’s worth!

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