Fear Based Marketing?

For the past few years Fear based marketing has really taken on a whole new meaning. Individuals buy products and make decisions based on emotions rather then logic.

When our buying decisions are based on emotion we tend to suffer from buyer’s remorse later.

This is clearly evident in the marketing we see today directed towards network marketing. There is an ebook out there with the catchy title of “The Death Of Network Marketing.”

This book like so many others is designed, so that you’ll give up on your dream and switch over to affiliate marketing.

There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing; many respectable companies offer affiliate programs today.

The question is in the marketers promoting with such false claims and what proof do they have that this is true.

I know of many affiliate marketers that where forced to changed their marketing tactics a few years ago when Google essentially dropped the hammer on them.

They could No longer be traffic brokers as they had in the past.

Those that adapted have done very well, while those that could not have either quit or are now producing products targeted towards network marketers.

The good news is that these programs really do not last to long.

When I spent a few minutes digging around on the web site it lead over to a affiliate program, with tools etc….

One of the sites that they used as a testimonial, indicates that it is under construction. Makes you kind of wonder.

This site is not the only one like it. Many others out there promote with very emotional triggers to get you to respond to their ad online, yet the products they deliver are really not worth the time it took to produce them or for you to read them for that matter.

I especially like the new tactics of getting everyone to join you in the online forums, with the personal invites. The new Web 2.0 craze, will it last?

It kind of reminds me of the game Second Life. People will spend hundreds of hours a year living a fantasy life verses getting out and living a real life.

We all have decisions to make in life, how we want to be remembered. Do we have to sell our soul to succeed in this business or can we do it with honor?

So the next time you’re getting ready to start an advertising campaign, think about how you want to be remembered at the end of life.

Did you really help enough people get to where they wanted to be in life, or did you take the money and run?

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