FTC Rules Already Having an Affect on Network Marketing

The new rules that go into effect on December 1st 2009 are already having a chilling and welcome affect on network marketing advertising.

The new rules or “Guides Concerning the Use Of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” An 81 page document.

For years now, we’ve all seen network marketing ads and landing pages that use claims and testimonials that well lead you to believe everyone can expect these results until…

… You read the fine print (disclaimer) on these marketing systems?

The one I like “Results not typical!” Which means…

We took our best testimonials and dressed them up the best we could! So don’t expect anything close to these results!

Now we should not have to see ads that state your company and upline are lying to you! Now they’ll have to prove it!

If you know where and how to search you’ll see exactly which of these advertiser have changed their marketing tactics recently to meet these new guidelines.

Does that mean these marketing guru’s where lying to you? That’s for you and now the FTC to decide!

I’m quite sure a few marketers will continue to try and push the envelope with their advertising, and they may get away with it for awhile.

For years, I’ve placed links on this site to various products and service from Leadersclub of which I’m an affiliate of.

In the past I did not disclose very often that this was a business opportunity.

My reasoning was that it was not about Leadersclub or me, it was about you and your success in network marketing.

Now based on the FTC rules, I must disclose that this is an affiliate program. And I make a decent living pointing you to a resource that can actually teach you how to market smart and never have to worry about changing your marketing methods.

Which is not really bad at all, Leadersclub will not have to change their advertising since they’ve always stated it as it is.

So keep watching, lets see who radically changes the way they market.

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  • Caroline Oct 17, 2009 @ 7:11

    Great information. Transparency is good. And if your readers trust you for the great information you deliver, why not. They will intentionally buy from your affiliate link, so you get rewarded for your efforts. So I think it is a great idea.

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