Going The Extra Mile!

Are you going the extra mile in your network marketing business? This weekend I finally took some advice that my good friend Dan Williams suggested I do and that is take a break.

Far to often we will push ourselves so hard that we tend to become counter productive. So with that said, this weekend my Wife and I took a nice drive down to Laughlin NV.

Had a wonderful lunch, drove into Arizona and proceeded back to Las Vega via highway 93. If you’ve never taken that drive it is probably one of the most boring drives heading out of Kingman AZ towards Las Vegas.

Yet there is one area on the drive where you come over a hill and this incredible valley opens up.

What almost amazed me is that when you cross the Hoover Dam there is literally thousands of people on the dam looking at what was built. Yes the Dam is an incredible site.

Yet going that few extra miles opens up this incredible Vista that many will never see.

5 Minutes South of The Hover Dam.


So now your probably asking, Glenn what in the H*** does this have to do with network marketing?

It comes down to how you present yourself to your prospects and to your potential customers. Or to sum it up Differentiate or Die!

When you take a look at the big boy’s out there marketing, ask yourself the question why is it that a smaller company like Apple can stomp the crap out of Microsoft?

The example is the Ipod vs Zune. The way i see it is one company came up with something not only original, they really focused on making the advertising unique and memorable.

What can you do to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your company? For starters simply be yourself, each of us is unique in our own way.

You can promote your business without hype and false pretenses, based on facts and what you know to be true. Following up effectively with both your customers and downline.

Trust me I know how difficult that can be at times, as it will challenge you through out your network marketing career.

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