Google Are They Screwing With Network Marketers?

That is a question that really needs an answer. Is SEO really dead on Google? Are they screwing with network marketers? Or is it everyone?

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a trend, maybe you have too. In the short video I put together for this it kind of points out and supports the theory.

Yet as we all know anything can be manipulated to prove your point, right?

In the video I highlight where all the top sites are mostly news sites or online dictionaries, not network marketers. In their glory days they people reading the articles that people wrote.

As the money well dried up they had to find other ways to make it in todays society.

Almost all of the top sites are running advertising, no different than offline sources. Yet what they’ve done is make it much harder if not impossible to compete with them.

These organizations have paid or unpaid staffers writing for them. Furthermore the authority status that Google has already given them boosts their page rankings even more.

Only one site in the top ten was from an actual network marketer, and he was running no Google advertising directly or was he? He does have over a thousand Youtube videos, thus Google Advertising.

Over the past several months I’ve been compiling data and building a new business venture. I’ve been using both organic search engine traffic, lead generation sources, and Google advertising over the years.

My results have been amazing to say the least, but I’ll save that for another post / video. The gist of it is or will be that organic traffic does not always produce a higher quality lead.

I know I’ll get a lot of hate mail for that comment! Yet, I’ve got about 18 years with this site to prove it at least for the search term network marketing.

So in essence I don’t think Google is screwing with network marketers! What has happened is others have found an easy market to exploit!

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