Got A Network Marketing Blog Then You Need MarsEdit 2

…And, you’ll also need to be running an Apple Computer to use the software. This software has really impressed me and so I’m sharing the information with you.


So what does it do for you that you cannot do within WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad or other blogging software?

The one feature, I find awesome and almost essential is the Preview.

Marsedit Preview

As I type the post into MarsEdit 2 I can look simultaneously at what it will look like when it is posted to the website. No more guessing at what it will look like it’s all right there!

Having a preview of what the finished product will look like is well the best of feature of all.

Using blog publishing software allows you to compose blog posts offline, store them as drafts and later publish them to your blog.

As far as price goes, I don’t feel the software priced where it should be it should be at least twice the price that they charge for it!

The sad part is that Windows users cannot use it, there are other programs that do essentially the same.

But, if your a Mac user then visit “Note-this is not an affiliate link” I just like the software and think you might enjoy it as well!

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  • Glenn Apr 19, 2010 @ 10:27

    It’s not really bad news, I’m sure that there are similar programs for Windows like Winjournal that do a similar job.

    The trouble is locating the one that suits you and your blogging platform.

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