Has Social Network Marketing Replaced The 3 Foot Rule

The past year has seen an explosion in social network marketing as a way to generate leads.

From all outward appearances, it almost looks like the 3 foot rule all over.

Anyone within 3 feet is a potential candidate for your home business. It is now replaced by anyone that falls within 3 microseconds is a candidate for your business.

Marketers are promoting this as the latest rage to get people to chase you instead of you chasing them.

Companies are still having difficulty proving that Social Media Marketing is improving their bottom line.

I read a good blog post “Is the real ultimate goal of social media to get the broadcast position?”

There are very good points about how users with accounts at Twitter can eventually reach a position of too many followers.

Then communication and interaction suffer.

It is quite possible that in a few years it will become apparent that this new three microsecond rule has the same results.

The results that network marketer’s have experienced using old school methods.

You know the one I’m talking where everyone within three feet is a candidate for your business.

It would be very interesting to see just how many people are actually converting these perceived prospects into actual prospects.

What I mean by this is are they interviewing at least three new network marketing leads a day.

I would be willing to bet that it mainly is the same old serial network marketers attempting to convince others that what they are doing is much better then what they are doing!

Still, there is nothing wrong with trying something as long as the results are tracked!

When you really think about it, how much communications can you pass inside of Twitters 140 character limit?

Are Social Sites Really Social Experiments?

This is something I’ve often wondered, the sites are really designed to compete with forums, blogs, and other websites.

So it stands to reason that when they where rolled out it was with a lot of promotion, record numbers of signups.

What better way then to get you to write about things you’re passionate about, then serve up ads along side your own content, you have to love capitalism!

When it comes to network marketing, you’re better off purchasing leads, learning how to connect with them and staying consistent.

Rather than hanging out at the new mall, social media sites hoping to entice someone to join you!

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