Have You Seen These Outrageous Network Marketing Ads

Take a day, any day, and do a search on network marketing or multi-level marketing and you’ll find what is termed Outrageous marketing methods being employed.

Using shock and awe to get you to click on the ad, where you’ll find the statements like these:

Are you tired of Old School Marketing Methods! You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your friends and family, hotel meetings etc…

Or how about “Only Suckers Buy Leads” yet, the individual is spending a fortune on pay-per-click ads to do just that…

…And when that doesn’t work the way it was sold there off to the next piece of advice…

…Endlessly tweeting the same advertisement over and over again. If I see, one more tweet about the Trump network I think I’m going to puke.

Talk about a return on your investment. I guess it just goes to prove their time isn’t worth much.

And, when it comes to network marketers, it seems they would rather buy a dream than pursue reality.

Think about it just because someone wrote and e-book that tells you to stop chasing your friends and family…

…Would it not have been better to buy the e-book that gave you the insight into how to identify which of your friends and family would make either customers or business partners?

But, alas since they couldn’t figure it out they want you believe that you cannot as well!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, which I’m sure you haven’t maybe you’ve noticed that during this great recession one company has continued to generate record profits one quarter after another.

They are the underdog out there in this field and yet they’ve taken on a much larger competitor head on…

…What is leading them to this success is “Old School Marketing Methods!” And, it’s not that their products are any better. In fact the big dog has better products!

So unless you prove to yourself, after you’ve given it everything you’ve got never discount old style marketing methods. They are built on relationships and trust.

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