How Do I Find Quality People For My Business?

As I am prospecting for people in my “leads” and “training” business, I constantly come across the question, “How can I find quality people?” My answer is always the same, “Look for people in pain.”

When I first got into the network marketing business, I would be attracted to the prospects with the most natural talent and ability. These are the people who have excellent communication skills and appear to have the ability to relate to people and quickly establish credibility and rapport. Surely these were the kind of people I need to build my organization – WRONG!


Slowly, I began to discover that natural talent and ability alone, do not constitute what it takes to succeed in a network marketing business. What it really takes to succeed is a deep desire and interest to want to change one’s life from their current situation to where they want to be.

When prospecting for people to join your team, do not underestimate how important it is to find out WHY they are interested in building a home-based business. If their WHY is not based on a deep desire to change their current circumstances, this prospect will have a slim chance of success.

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  • aweke Mar 10, 2008 @ 0:56

    it is good idea but how can i change naturally gifted people to network marketing

  • Glenn Mar 10, 2008 @ 8:35

    Hi Aweke,

    First of all we cannot change people, they have to want the change.

    As Network Marketers we go take our prospects through a qualifying process as Dan pointed out.

    Even people with deep desires will often not take the necessary action to accomplish their goals in life.

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