Finding Quality People For My Network Marketing Business?

Everyday as I prospect in my business, I run across another network marketer asking the question, “How do I find quality people for my network marketing business?”

When I get a chance to talk to the marketer I tell them the answer is simple. Industry statistics tell us that 1 in 10 marketers turn out to be productive marketers.

In addition, industry statistics tell us it takes an average of 45 telephone dials to recruit one marketer into our business.

So, let’s do the math – 45 telephone dials = 1 marketer / 450 telephone dials = 10 marketers and 10 marketers equals 1 productive network marketer (a quality person).

Based on these statistics, I should be able to recruit 1 quality person into my organization every 450 telephone dials.

Recruiting quality productive people into our network marketing businesses is simple; however, few network marketers will take the necessary effective action to make it happen.

As one industry leader has stated, “Network marketing is a simple business but it is not an easy business.

So where do I look for these high quality network marketers?

When I wrote this post 10 years ago back in 2008, the market was flooded with internet network marketers offering lots of solutions.

Most of those marketers are long since gone, or at least their crappy products are. If you’ve been in the industry long enough and have tracked the trend you’ll see the decline in online traffic.

That was not just for my site but industry wide according to Google’s statistics.

My latest tracking seems to confirm the numbers cited above. But, today I’m using a marketing system that allows duplication for my team.

Having a website that ranks well and generates traffic is… NOT as good as you would think.

Ok, so you don’t believe me. My tracking tells me otherwise.

Using both this website and my new marketing system here are some interesting results. These where conducted in late July 2018. The summer doldrums when everyone is out on vacation.

Using basically the same landing/conversion page, and same business opportunity…

Time period from the 18 July 18 to 26 July 18

From the Website 15 visits, 4 filled out the form, 0 new team members.

From our lead source 46 visits, 12 filled out the form, 7 new team members.

As you can see that is some interesting numbers. But still it does give you the complete picture.

What you cannot see is the website is receiving about 1500 visitors per day.

Story to be continued….

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  • Kathy Smith Nov 23, 2008 @ 13:36

    Thank you for sharing the information on the number of calls. What I have consistently told my downline when they complain that they are not successful yet only to find out they have only called a total of 10 people, is it’s all in the numbers.

    Another technique I have used and this is not my idea but I can’t remember the source is about focusing on getting NOs. A sales consultant once came in and worked with a company that was failing and he had a contest for the person who would get the most NOs in a day. They all took out their pending files and attacked the phones and of course there was a winner but more importantly, that day had the higest number of sales ever because the fear of NO was gone.

    So I tell my team to note how many hours they plan on calling and for each hour, I expect them to get 30 NOs. Now they are not afraid of getting the NOs and they look to the next call.


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