How To Sabotage Your Network Marketing Web Site!

Now why would you want to do that you ask? Yet it happens everyday by unsuspecting network marketers. Most if not all offer links off to other companies and or services we think are appropriate, that are related to our web sites theme.

And those whose services we are linking to are really thanking you not only for the traffic but also the naivety that you display in your website marketing.

So why is this important? Well for starters your already bringing the company new business, but did you also know that your helping them to out rank you in the search engines.

This essentially cuts you out of the potential profit you could have made and they do this all on your hard work and creativity.

Why is it that most if not all affiliate type programs rank so well? It’s because of the way they setup the program, so that each link you provide to them ranks them higher while pushing you further down in the rankings for your search term.

So how can you stop this bleeding from your sites? If your going to link to any affiliate or any other program do it from an internal page and use the “nofollow” tag in your links.

You can do a search and find a wealth of information on this attribute in linking on sites like wikipedia, google, yahoo etc…

Sending traffic to a site for a sale should be your goal in marketing, but helping them cut you out of the picture should not be!

So get busy and stop sabotaging your network marketing web sites! After all it’s your business and only you can make the changes!

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  • annalaura brown Mar 27, 2008 @ 9:16

    bingo. you have hit the head on the nail with this one. I can’t believe how many people take this a step further and even post google adwords on their network marketing website. This is even worse as it has the potential to display ads from other reps in the same company on your site. People clearly aren’t thinking with this one. I personally am very picky for this reason about who I link to and I always set up any outgoing links I do have to open up in a new window. That way if they do click they still remain on my site.

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