How Will You Be Remembered?

On the 11th of November 2009 I was at my brothers funeral. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident just a few days earlier.

My brother was never in network marketing yet, it appears from the poem that was written below he was a master marketer.

Someone who truly listened to what people wanted and then delivered beyond their expectations. This was written by a Lady to be read at his funeral and it really sunk in:

For John The Stone Angel

A knock at my door, and who enters in

But, a tan, tattooed man with a big, bright grin.

He and his comrades, all ready to go.

Began, with their creative gifts, to put on quite a show.

Dirt, rock and rubble, slowly, but surely, gave way

To the beauty of landscapes like none seen in their day.

Cement pathways did sprout and stone walkways did grow.

Beautiful steps, out of nothing, by day’s end, did show.

Each task the next conquest, each challenge the next glory,

Signatures of creative stone and mason mastery tell quite a story.

Who could imagine the beauty hidden below?

All the dust and clay-gray water, only John would know.

He’d chuckle with confidence and listen with his heart

As I’d try to describe what I thought was just a start–

Then, as if right before my eyes, the art work emerged

And my squeals of delight just made his efforts surge.

The matching of patterns, the merging of grains,

His eye was so discerning, seeing all with no strains.

His smile constant and bright, his optimism so glowing–

John’s vision of the future creation just couldn’t help showing.

Then, when he was ready and he knew he was sure

He’d prepare the surprise, with his confidence pure.

Trusting his artists heart , soul and eye,

What a delight– as I’d squeal to the sky!



John’s hands, skilled and sure, would have shaped the art

And the mortar he set, would lend bone to its heart.

Then majestic, but, pliable stone, that he mastered with care

Bent and turned to his will, leaving a bit of him there.

I’ll cherish that art–and even more than this–

I’ll marvel each day at his work and the bliss

That it signified of his hope each and every new day,

And be grateful I knew him as he passed by this way.

John has marked his life with strength and nature’s beauty–

Acknowledging God’s tools to be used with faith and a duty

To revere these works that can give comfort and bring peace

As we remember his love of this gift, his skill and his ease.

The stone that John crafted will from his heart always speak

Of the highest regard for life, friends, family, and still seek

To shout forth his lofe of his life, lived his way.

Thank you John, always, for your life’s passion on display.

Grateful for his gifts and his giving spirit–

Marsha K. Hardeman

In Dedication to Mr. John Burks, Master Mason November 11, 2009

In April of this year I wrote about “The High Cost Of Procrastination.” The post was based on a commercial written for the State of Michigan in the ad it was stated:

All We Get Is About twenty-five Thousand Mornings!

The sad part is that we often have less than that, so the question again is how do you want to be remembered in life?

Will you be thought of as someone who manipulated your way through life or as someone who was thoughtful and caring?

Just something to think about as we head into this holiday season. Reach out and touch those you love, those you care about, for that matter even complete strangers.

For you never know when those twenty-five thousand mornings will be cut short! So don’t let procrastination get in your way today or tomorrow.

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  • Raza May 10, 2010 @ 21:48

    Inspiring indeed Glenn! Thank you for sharing.

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