I Don’t Have Time To Learn All This Network Marketing S**T!

… I only have two hours a day to work my business, so I need it to come fast!

When I read that statement this morning, I just about choked on my first cup of coffee…

… As my mind quickly flashed to all the things that I never had the time to learn.

Those little things that had helped me along the road to finding success within network marketing. You know those things like:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Dreamweaver
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
  • Auto-responders
  • Copywriting
  • Prospecting

The list goes on…

Yet, everything that I’ve learned would not have mattered one little bit if I didn’t know what my prospects really wanted in the first place.

I’ve listened to hundreds of training audio’s, I’ve taken notes as well as putting into practice what I’ve learned.

Subjects like these and hundreds more:

  • The Basics of making First Contact By Phone
  • Building Relationships to Build A Business
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time
  • How To Recruit By Design Rather Than Chance
  • Over Coming Doubt And Self-Sabotage

If You Feel That You Don’t Have Enough Time…

… Then welcome to the wonderful world of western society.

The more we believe we have no-time, the less time we actually have. We are caught up in a trap, the “fear of being late!” And one-day you’ll wake up and wonder where has my life has gone?

Have you ever seen the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler? I highly recommend you take the time out of your busy schedule and watch it. It is sort of a serious comedy, but it really speaks volumes about our western culture and how we live our lives today.

Today, with so many self-help books on time management, you could literally fill up a small room with them! It leaves no room for anyone to use the excuse “I don’t have enough time to learn.”

We All Want To Build Our Businesses Fast.

Ask yourself what am I willing to do or sacrifice to accomplish this? I can remember years ago, how many hours I would spend each day building my business…

… I can remember my wife coming into my office at 3 in the morning, where she would find me working or studying. At first she thought I was nuts, and she was probably right!

Like you probably are now, I was working a full-time job and what seemed like a full-time network marketing business at the same time. I sacrificed then so that now…

… I can enjoy working my schedule, when I want and where I want to!

Where do you spend your time?

Each of us has the same 168 hours in our week, and it might just look like this so lets break it down!

  • 168 total hours.
  • 50 hours spent working for someone else. 40 hours working 1 hour for lunch, 30 minutes commuting each way.
  • 56 hours spent sleeping 8 hours each night. Yeah, like we get that much each night right!
  • 21 hours for our household 3 hours each day. More like 10 hours a week.

That leaves us with 41 hours or 5.85 hours each day.

If we spend 2 hours each day or 14 hours a week building our network marketing business, it leaves us with 27 hours or 3.85 hours each day for family & leisure time.

So where can you find the time to Learn?

If you take your 1 hour lunch break and use 30 minutes of it along with your 30 minute commute each way you’ll pick up 1.5 hours or 7.5 hours each week…

…That is time you could recapture and apply to your education, something that will provide you with huge dividends in the future.

While you’re doing your household tasks, how about you plug in your head phones into your iPod and listen a few training audio’s? That alone could give you another 21 hours each week.

Just these few simple steps, and using your time more effectively, you could accumulate up to 28.5 hours each week for your educational purposes.

Think about it, you’re almost at the level of a full-time student…

… And you have not even touched any of your 27 hours of family – leisure time, plus you haven’t touched any of the 14 hours of business building time either!

So when I hear, I just don’t have anytime to learn all of this Network Marketing S**T well I just have to raise the B.S. Flag!

Just remember Knowledge Is Power! If you want to keep from going broke in network marketing, you’ll find the time to learn!

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  • Jeff T Aug 24, 2010 @ 8:08

    you mentioned copywriting? does leadersclub teach this also?
    if not what books, resources could you recommend? thank you

  • Glenn Aug 24, 2010 @ 15:51

    Hi Jeff,

    In many ways they do but not in the general sense of what most would expect. What they do is teach you how to really listen to a prospect.

    There are a great many books out there, on the subject most of which start you off with reading well written sales letters to give us an understanding of all the little nuances that goes into effective copywriting.

    It also shows just how much research and or experience that we have to bring to the table. In network marketing we have to be talking to prospects discovering just what they are looking for and how we can help them find just what they are looking for.

    Most of the books I’ve read mainly cover writing for business to business, sales catalogs, etc… With that said they still provide a lot of information that takes months to years to let it all sink in.

    I’d recommend going down to a bookstore one evening and spend sometime browsing through the different books that cover the subject.

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